Pussifying the nation

@whywiki (6070)
March 30, 2007 10:12am CST
It seems to me that instead of getting smarter and moving the gene pool forward we are sliding backwards and people are all becoming just average and fat. In the 70's when I went to school we had to walk to school or ride our bikes. We crossed streets on our own. We had smart kids in classes and different classes for the not so smart and yet another class for the really not swift at all kids. The mentally retarded had there own "special class" The smart kids got the attention they needed so they could go on and be productive members of society while the kids that weren't so smart were trained to fix our cars and paint our houses etc. and the retarded were taught to play dodge ball! Nowadays everyone is lumped together and the teachers are wasting time on kids that won't ever amount to anything and the smart ones don't get the attention they need. Parents drive the kids to school and pick them up after. Bored housewives interrupt the flow of traffic as crossing guards, god forbid we teach kids how to cross the road. The school buses stop traffic in both ways so kids can dart out across the street. What happened to survival of the fittest? Stop the bus and if kids don't make it across, so be it, it was meant to be, the stupid die off and the smart survive! If we keep going in this direction we will have a world of average and nobody to save the world! Stop coddling the kids, let them be, let the shoot for the stars and stop over protecting them!
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@Writerbob (572)
• United States
2 Apr 07
Cool, someone who finds the supposed blind force of evolution to be much wiser than what comes out of the minds of humans. I am so on board with you (though I am glad for crossing guards :-) )
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@casinocat (284)
• United States
31 Mar 07
Hell, I'm a reasonably intelligent adult, and I'm scared to cross the damn street! Mostly because the "fittest" are too busy regurgitating into their cellphones to pay attention to the weapon they are driving. Rant away!