tips for cows

@mlotboy (293)
March 31, 2007 3:47am CST
Can u give me sometips to milk the cows? there r lots of cows in my villages, but the villagers don't how to milk them. Hence, I want to teach them.
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@pangeacat (619)
• United States
31 Mar 07
I don't know how to really describe this properly over the internet, but I will try. You have to get the cow alone, and it must ofcourse be a mature cow. Take one of the teets in your hand (you should probably have the cow eating, so she is distracted and happy). Gently squeeze the teet in your hand, around the middle of it. As you squeeze, pull downward. You should see milk squirt out, and into a bucket of some kind that you've set up. Release your grip, not all the way, just to allow the teet to take it's natural shape once again, and repeat. You will want to switch teets ocassionally, so that the cow doesn't feel soar. If you can do this with both hands, simultaneously, you will be able to milk the cow faster. Surely, there is someone in your village who has milked a cow and can show you in person?
• India
31 Mar 07
It is amazing that there is a village in world where cows are there but not milk. To milk a cow first you do not allow the calf to go out with cow. Generally after 10-12 hours of gape, cow gives milk. If the calf is with her then you cannot milk. When cow comes back home, give her some food and after half an hour you release the calf, leave them for 4-5 minutes then you start milking. In few days of time you will be able to milk properly and the cow will also allow you.