Does he love me??

April 1, 2007 6:14am CST
My boyfriend is very stingy to me. He wouldn't like me to buy new clothes or anyother goods that are not our basic needs. He is very interested in tours, if I paid the cost ,he would let me go with him ,if not ,he would rather go by himself.How do you think weather he loves me ?Or I should leave him?
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• Gabon
1 Apr 07
Hi Rose, that sounds a bit strange. I sometimes jokingly called stingy by my partner, but nowhere like your boyfriend. Buying new clothes from time to time and as long as it is appropriate is OK for me. My partner loves photography, she sometimes called me stingy if I disaprove with her wish to buy new camera or new lenses, simply because she already had 3 lenses and her camera is relatively new (well 2 years old). But she understood, and I'm willing to buy her what she wants when I have more money. But I never though of going somewhere alone because I don't want to pay for her.... The decision is yours to make, but in my opinion if your partner did not want to make a small sacrifices for you, then you should questioned whether he's realy love you or simply want to use you.
• China
1 Apr 07
really??......but I love him very much.
@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
22 Oct 08
hi rosesnow this is two yr old but here goes, you dont have to take his treatment. it sounds like his love is very shallow. if he really loved you as you love him he would take you on tours with him, he wouldnt make you pay for them.I think you should r eally think about finding a guy who willlove you and want to buy things for you, and want to be with you.You are very pretty and could get the pick of the crop in guys. I dont think you want a one sided love. loving him and getting left out, loving him , and getting scolded for wanting new clothes. no find a better guy now.