restaurant---dining out stupidity, read and go ahead admit it--it is u?????

April 2, 2007 10:06am CST
why when a customer comes into my restaurant and ask me what salad dressings i have and i reply---french, 1000 island, blue,and italian---then u reply back---"oh do u have ranch?"---WHY WOULD U ASK THAT
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@owlwings (39762)
• Cambridge, England
2 Apr 07
I agree that customers - people - do phrase their thoughts in peculiarly inane ways sometimes. I was for a long time a bookseller and sat in a room where every wall, floor to ceiling, was covered in books. It was quite evident that it was a shop, too, but I had a handful of customers every year whose first question was "Do you sell books?" Your customer meant to say, of course, "I like ranch dressing, can you supply it?" and you (interpreting what he said as that) should have replied "No sir, we don't have that as standard but it won't take a moment to make it for you specially." That customer MAY have been impressed enough to come back and to tell his friends what a good restaurant yours is. I have heard on a number of occasions a shop proprietor respond "No, I'm sorry we never stock that. You are the third person today to ask." Which makes me feel that perhaps it would be reasonable for the shop to consider stocking that item. How much extra work would it be to include Ranch Dressing in your list?
@NatureBoy (493)
• Singapore
2 Apr 07
Hmm.. thats hard lol. I don't even know what ranch is .. I only know french and 1000 island. They are abit more common. But maybe he didn't quite catch the list and was just inquiring. cheers