have any one read Anne Frank's Diary

April 2, 2007 1:53pm CST
this is one of the best book i've ever read. in this book, there is happiness, sadness, emotion and may other feelings. in some part, tears fell down. this book also make yu think that if yu were locked in the house with 4-5 other people for more than a year or two, what will happen to yu? i am also inspired to write a diary. and i am still writing it. all i want to say is that, one should read this book "Anne Frank, The Diary of Young Girl".
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@dprabin (130)
• Nepal
3 Apr 07
No i haven't read this book till now. But when you will publish your book (Prada Joshi's Diary) then i will surely read that. But please make people laugh rather than cry.
• Nepal
6 Apr 07
well, i think yu should read Anne Frank's Diary first, before reading mine. my life is much interesting than hers as i've got lots of chance to roam around and i donot have to stay in the house with many people. i really suggest yu to read Anne Frank's Diary. it may make yu feel the reality of the life.
@Angelwriter (1955)
• United States
2 Apr 07
I read Anne Frank's diary when I was a teenager. It was very meaningful to me. I started a diary that I kept for years and even named it, just like Anne. And, I tended to reference Anne a lot in my own diary.
• United States
2 Apr 07
I read "Anne Frank" when I was about ten years old. It left a lasting impression on me, that to this day lingers. It was a haunting book, which also inspired me to use a diary. It created a need in me to always live by a code of fairness and non-judgement. It is one of the best books ever published. I agree, those that have not read this gripping tale should.