is the war in Iraq justified?

@nietske (199)
April 2, 2007 2:06pm CST
I know this might be a controversial topic, but I just want to know. My home country, Belgium, did not take part in the war, and I think correctly so. It does worry me that Bush has now chosen to send even more troops into a country that is already poor and crippled. So My question is, do you think the war in Iraq is justified, or was it just a plot for oil.
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• United States
2 Apr 07
never trust Bush in anything !He lied to the American people and got us in this war now he is fighting the congress that wants to get us out his rich friends are making a lot of money off the war while the poor people aRE LOOSING THIER CHILDREN IN IT
@anc350 (326)
• India
5 Apr 07
I feel that this entire farce was for oil, and partially a personal vendetta as Bush Jr. set out to do what his father Bush Sr. could not do in 1990 Gulf War, that is invade Iraq. As to sending more troops is concerned, its a show put up for the world that he wants tyo show the world that he wants normalcy restored in Iraq, in form of a puppet government.
@rdurusan (624)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
No,its not justified and its unfair for the military of foreign countries who participated in that senseless war.Let me add something,the war on Iraq is for oil,and the reason for this is the plan of Saddam Hussein to use Euro in place of the petro dollar.This is also the plan of Iran,thats why Busch is eager to wage war against Iran.
@4ftfingers (1313)
2 Apr 07
No it was not justified and I thank god thousands of Brits and Americans and Australians and Canadians agree that it was unlawfull. If it werent for that I would have no faith in my own country, or any of the other English speaking nations. But I think the people are good people, but the governments are to blame. People say we should be doing more to stop this, but I don';t know what else we can do. In theory we are supposed to be able to overthrow our government, but in practice that isn't as easy. And since the Labour party appeals to alot of people's interests at home, they stay in power. We have staged numourous war protests, but this has no effect on the arrogant, ignorant pigs who run our country. Your government and the governments of Germany and France and most of the rest of Europe were right never to get involved in this Anglo-saxon supremist war. Whatever the real reasons were they were blatently not for the right reasons. And most of the problems we have with weapons, in the world we can thank the US, UK and Rusia for anyway. I'm not unpatriotic, I'm against the UK government, and in their forign policy I don't believe they are truely looking out for the interest of the British public, only the interest of the corporations that feed them. It was blatently obvious the UK would see terrorist attacks for their involvment in Iraq and the middle east. We are now the third most hated nation in the world. I can't see how that has benefitted us at all.