European Union

@radante (365)
April 2, 2007 2:31pm CST
What is the future of the EU. A federation of national-states? Or the future not sound well.I think That in 30-40 years maximum will be a federation. What do you think?
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@jwfarrimond (4474)
2 Apr 07
I think that it might well have fallen apart by then because of all the conflicting national interests and disillusionment of the people who have been in the longest. France voted against the EU constitution which would have been the start of a federal Europe, and there is widespread dissatisfaction in Britain and Germany about the way in which things are going and the loss of national identity that greater unity will bring.
@radante (365)
• Romania
3 Apr 07
i agree with you but a new constitution will be voted in next years and seems to be the start of a federal union
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• Kazakhstan
1 Nov 07
I think that the European Union in the next 30-40 years will become a kind of federation of many single countries like the U.S.A., but there will be a difference because each country will continue to speak its own language and will still keep its own history and traditions. But we will need to have all the member countries with the same spirit, because I think it's better to have a little European Union made by the most euro-enthusiastic countries, than having a big European Union made both by euro-enthusiastic countries and by euro-sceptic countries (like the United Kingdom...).