Sweetness means guilt???

April 3, 2007 3:31am CST
Watch out! When you notice your BF being an extra sweet to you, he might harbour some guilt. My ex cheated on me, I wonder why he's an extra sweet at that time. He even suggest that we would buy a house to have a conjugal property of our own. Can you emagine that? We are not married and he suggest such a thing. His thoughts is somewhere else even if he's with me and he keep on saying he won't let me go, as if I'm going somewhere far. He even declared his love and devotion time and time again. I sense his fear and I took it for granted. Then I found out 1 day he always have other girl all the time. The two timer brute. Anyway, it's past and I got it over with... Just beware ladies, your man might be extra sweet to appease their guilt.
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
4 May 07
Its a fact of life. I experienced that too. When my husband was seeing another lady, he became extraordinary good to me. He remembered my birthday and send flowers and sweet birthday card and presents. I was elated at first. As the days go by the goodness and sweetness turn into nightmare. He became confused and arrogant. Only when the true story burst out that he becomes normal. Thats men!