What the heck is happenning on CSI miami with Horatio's wife?

April 3, 2007 7:16pm CST
I posted a few weeks ago about how I didn't like Horatio but I had only started watching it, and I thihnhk now I'm changing my tune. I don't catch every show, but today his wife (Eric's sister) got SHOT. I guess I shoudln't say what else happenned, but does anyone know WHY this happenned?
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@patgalca (14480)
• Orangeville, Ontario
4 Apr 07
You must be watching old reruns. Horatio's wife got killed at the end of last season, or even the season before. I don't think there was really any love there. Horatio didn't look like a man in love; he looked more like he was doing the woman a favour. Because it was so long ago, I cannot remember why he married her. Really, they only had dinner a couple of times.... oh wait a minute. She had cancer. She wanted to have a baby. He married her so he could help her to have a baby. But an ongoing storyline with the Latino Mob got her caught in the middle and she was killed.
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• Canada
5 Apr 07
oops, yes I just started watching it.
@micfac7 (158)
• United States
5 Apr 07
Well, actually she got killed last season. You're a little behind...lol. They've already had follow-ups to that episode and other issues with who was involved. I like Horatio too, but what's wrong with his neck....just kidding. My mom and I have this joke and people make it all the time about him cranking his head. I recently caught him in an old movie, he was a young stud and didn't have the cranked head in those days, so it may be his character kind of thing. :)