tarot cards...

tarot cards.... - The cards look good but i can never understand how much trustworthy they are!!!
April 4, 2007 9:39pm CST
Well I do not hold a very firm faith in predictions....let them be through any method....if it palmistry ot tarots.... I don't know hwy don't I stand in any's favor...May be coz I suffered a lot due to these false predictions.... Particularly about the tarot cards....I mean they are just 52..... and even if you say there can be different combinations..... let me tell you that my knowledge of combinatorics about it tells me that for selecting 6 cards out of these 52 cards....the total no. way are 20,358,520 only..... now are there these many people only on this earth.... no there are more....then how can one rely one these many combinations....??? I therefore don't hv a very firm faith in these cards...except for their good looks(they do look good)....what do you feel??? Do you really trust in tarot cards....
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@Bizziebod (3526)
11 Apr 07
Hi, Firstly I need to correct you on predictions on tarot cards, what is shown on the card is only a guide, you need to 'feel' what the meaning is and how it apply's to your question, there is a real art to it and not only do you take it at face value. Generally I like tarot cards but do not use them as my divination, I generally use a crystal for that. However, I do trust my psychic medium who I use when she reads my cards through the tarot and she has been correct on more than one occasion. Happy mylotting!
@xParanoiax (6999)
• United States
9 Apr 07
There are millions of different spreads for tarot..less than there are people, but in each of those spreads there are millions of different combinations..there being 72 cards an' all. PLUS, every reader will interpret them differently per every person, and every bit of information people get from them comes from a different source (even though I believe it's partly the querants body language, since alot of communication is non-verbal), I typically believe it's from our subconcious -- which psychologists will even admit are smarter than our waking minds 'cause the subconcious never forgets. It's an art AND a science, without the art there is no way for them to be accurate SCIENTIFICALLY except by chance. Do you see what I'm getting at? Plus, they are based on current choices..if your choices change, then your future changes..time's too fussy a thing for anything to be simple anyways. But I'm not try'n to convince you, I'm just explaining why I believe in 'em. I'm a reader lol..and so far they have pretty much always been right. But that doesn't mean I just go "Well the cards said so so I can't do anything about it" I try to use them as advice only, not as life determiner.
• India
5 Apr 07
i do not totally believe in all these nonsense,but my parents have little faith in astrology and they often go to meet astrologers but i am happy keeping myself awat from it..!
• Singapore
5 Apr 07
Definitely I wouldn't trust my life on tarot cards. Well, at least not till I suddenly realise I have some magical powers. I think we can just play around with them for fun. You know, party games perhaps. :P