Share your dieting success stories

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April 5, 2007 12:50am CST
I'm curious about the different dieting strategies that have worked for people. Since we are all different, some things will work for one person that won't work for another. Share your success stories so maybe we can all get a few ideas. If you want, even tell how much you lost on your plan, and if you kept ot off or not.
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5 Apr 07
I lost a lot of weight by going on a non-dairy diet for awhile. I wanted to see if it would clear up some other health problems I was having, and it did help. I found that not eating butter, cream, cheese and the like helped the weight come off. I was also doing a lot of walking at the time, so I think in combination it was great for my body type. I still used fake butter and tofu cream cheese, but not eating the real thing limited my cravings for it... I eat dairy again now, but only a little here and there, and most of the weight is gone.
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5 Apr 07
Wow... that would be a hard one! I'm a milk-a-holic, and a HARD CORE cheese-a-holic. No cravings, huh? Was tofu cream cheese close enough to the real thing to taste good on a bagel??
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8 Apr 07
When I'm here at the hotel all night, all I have to eat are muffins and bagels. Not too healthy!
@Mickie30 (2633)
6 Apr 07
I was doing weight watchers, but I could not stick to it so now I am just going to watch what I eat and I may start going to slimming world.
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7 Apr 07
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