what can we do with nightmares?

@mlgb_24 (638)
April 5, 2007 5:43am CST
Nightmares can come in a semi-awake state. they're frightening but don't require medical attention unless very frequent. they can be caused by a high temperature, discomfort due to illness or being overtired. emotional triggers include frightening tele programmes just before bed, being scared of the dark (try leaving a night-light on for comfort), or being alone in the bedroom. when it happens, try everything you can for reassurance. don't raise your voice or ask what the dream was about, instead turn on the bedside light, offer a cuddle, and speak quietly to soothe him back to sleep.
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@r0131n (357)
24 Apr 07
If I fall asleep and unable to move my hand, I get nightmares like I'm trying to reach something I could not, or that I'm trying to get away from something but I could not move. I eventually wake up to find my hand a bit numb.