How do you handle ANGRY and SHORT TEMPERED people?

United States
April 5, 2007 4:17pm CST
I think most of us experience anger at some time or another-- I know I certainly do. Many psychologists believe that we feel anger when some kind of personal boundary has been violated... anger is a natural way of being reminded that something is "not OK." In most cases, we feel angered, we flare up, and then it blows over and we go back to dealing with life, as normal. However, some people seem to not so much FEEL anger, as they ARE angry... almost as if "angry" is their normal state of being. Often they have very short tempers, and the slightest provocation "sets them off." For me, it almost feels as if they have unrealistic expecatations about how much life is supposed to "conform" with their view of the world. When I encounter this kind of person, I always feel uneasy. It feels as if I am standing next to a keg of gunpowder, and that other person is playing with fire. At any moment-- for no particular reason-- there could be an explosion. How do YOU feel around angry people? How do you DEAL with them? Do you become "quiet or careful?" Or do you get ready for "battle," and meet their anger with equal anger of your own? Are you, yourself, a bit of a short-tempered or "volatile" person? If so, how do others respond to you? No "right" or "wrong" answers-- just interested in hearing different perpectives.