Inspiring Stories From Real Life...

United States
April 5, 2007 8:36pm CST
Do you know of any inspiring stories? The birth of my friend's daughter is one such example... Like many women, Tara met a man that she fell in love with and married. Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant. When she was about 21 weeks along in her pregnancy, she went to the bathroom to discover that her mucus plug had fallen out (this is what blocks the opening of the cervix). She was rushed, by her husband, to the hospital. When she arrived, they discovered that she was dilated to 3 cm already. The premature baby (and the water bag it was still in) were beginning to slip through the cervix. They sewed the cervix shut, and admitted Tara into the hospital for an indefinate period of time. They needed the baby to develop as much as possible. Tara was put in a trundle bed, with her feet pointing upward, and her head pointing more toward the floor. She wasn't permitted to get up for any reason. For two weeks she lay in the hospital bed, eventually contracting a yeast infection from the inactivity and inability to take a real bath. After that two weeks, her water broke. They now had no choice but to allow the baby to be born. Little Rhiannon was born with under developed lungs, transparent paper-thin skin, and a yeast infection that had started in her right eye and traveled through her brain and down her body. She was so small that, if you had completely stretched her out, she could have still been completely covered by a regular 8" x 10" piece of paper. They told Tara that Rhiannon would likely not live. IF she did manage to live, they said, she would likely be retarded from the yeast infection that had travelled into her brain. They said that she would likely be blind, never walk, never speak, etc. Tara was sent home, where she cried for months on end. Every day the hospital called her up, to tell her that they had nearly lost her baby again. After about 6 months, the baby was sent home. Only one month later, the baby had to be readmitted into the hospital for complications. Two months after that, she came home permanently. Rhiannon is now 6 years old. She does have a slight breathing problem, and near blindness in her right eye. BUT, she CAN walk, she CAN talk (often! lol), she is NOT retarded. She is a strong, healthy, GORGEOUS, wonderful baby girl! She has compensated well for the few minor difficulties she is currently facing. She doesn't let any of it bother her. She is the best "fighter" I have ever had the priviledge to meet. Have you ever met a child like Rhiannon? Or, perhaps you have a different kind of story that is touching and/or inspiring? I, for one, would love to hear about any and all of your inspiring life stories!
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