Do you feel uncomfortable when someone stands too close to you?

April 6, 2007 1:52pm CST
What will you do if someone stands too close to yo - A picture of no standing too close to strangers.
Today is Good Friday and I met up with some friends for lunch. None of us is a Christian so we were just taking the opportunity to catch up. I took the train to my destination and it was quite a crowd. It is a public holiday and the people in Singapore seem to be out in full force. I managed to find a corner in the train to lean against. In front of me was a pair of middle-age men. They were standing such that both their left sides were facing me. They do not know each other. If you can let loose your imagination a little, you would be able to picture the scene quite well. Both were facing towards my left, and the front of the guy at the back was literally inches from the back of the guy in front. The one behind was just clutching his cell phone and looking around aimlessly. The one in front was reading an unfolded newspaper, and he was struggling to keep his stability in the moving train. They were already so close such that any sudden jolt of the train might cause them to collide. And it almost happened once - and that was the one and only time. The one behind poked the one in front and demanded that he move away from him. That "poor guy" was so embarrassed that he quickly moved a few steps away. Do you feel uncomfortable when someone stands too close to you? If you were in such a situation as above, would you ask that person to move away? Or would you just keep quiet and pray that he would not brush or fall against you? Or.. ? And would the gender of either or both of you be a factor for consideration? Do share your thoughts. ;-)