Do u think there shuld b a max on how many things u can discuss under 1 interest

April 8, 2007 6:22am CST
I think there should be a maximum number of discussions you can post under one interest, or at least something like a time limitation (i.e making it so you can post another discussion within five minutes of posting the last). I say this because some of my interests are filled with three pages of discussiond from the same person and it seems to me that theyre only posting them to recieve extra earnings, not because they actually are interested in the thing. What do you think? ( I apologize if i have insulted or offended anyone here)
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8 Apr 07
Unfortunately there are people on this site who will think nothing of posting one liner, pointless questions. But this is one of those things, and most of the time people are free to post as many discussions as they wish. For myself, I prefer to see sensible discussions but you cannot place a limit.
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@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
i dont think it would be better that way, some people have continuous flow of idea which made them want to write more so its not a good idea if mylot would limit our posts.
9 Apr 07
I'm not sure that limiting everyone's posts would be a good idea, but there are some users who just post the single line comment that is often just a re-phrasing of what someone has posted elsewhere. There's a difference between someone having a stream of good ideas, and someone spamming the site to up their earnings. I believe that were starting to see abuse of the system in this way. I think that if the founders could do something to slow down the rate of posting from these 'myLot spammers' it would be a good move. I'm a newbie here, but I believe that quality should be what matters, not inane, one liners. That's stated in the rules to some degree, and it's about time that a few people had their wings clipped a little to increase the overall quality of some sections of myLot.
9 Apr 07
I have to say that the posting rate of some people with the one line, badly worded, often rather silly questions that soemone has asked 10 minutes before on a different part of the site is very irritating. Although myLot is a private site, they could impose some rules - or, simply act more to tidy up the crud from people who abuse the system. I moderate a website in the UK and we would call a lot of the posts that are generated in this way 'spam' - pure and simple. Some folks are clearly just playing the umbers game, and when you see a whole page of one line posts from one user, like I saw yesterday on a couple of occasions, it does make it hard to find the really good, worthwhile posts that are worth replying to in order to generate a good conversation and a feeling of community. I do think that such 'spam' posts could kill myLot off if it continues for a long period of time - the 'bad' alwys drives out the 'good', so to say. Just my thoughts - aologies if I've trodden on toes.
• Canada
9 Apr 07
Well, Mylot is a free site and so they can't really place any limitations on the members. All they can do is provide a few guidelines and delete any posts that don't meet those guidelines. We can post what we like and unfortunately some people abuse that right. Those are the ones who are out to earn a quick buck or two. they don't stop to think that those discussions may get deleted.
@banta78 (4335)
• India
8 Apr 07
I feel the more successful posters on mylot self regulate so as to make real meaningful contribution through their posts & comments which reflects in their ratings & earnings too as they enjoy good reputation on mylot & have active good posters as their friends. So i feel we should avoid such posts if we don't find them worthwhile, don't make much sense. As i tend to be cautious of discussions which can get deleted as that would my earnings too. So i feel over time folks will realise that it is not worth time & effort to post stuff which reflects poorly on earnings & ratings. But if they are posting good stuff then i am afraid they are within their rights to post as much they want if they can keep up with it.