Best science fiction author?

Philip K. dick - A photo of Philip K. Dick, one of the best sci-fi authors.
@glf1980 (222)
April 8, 2007 2:45pm CST
Do you like sci-fi books? What's your favourite sci-fi author? Mine is Philip K. Dick. Do you know him?
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@prestocaro (1254)
• United States
9 Apr 07
I love the Dune series by Frank Herbert. Not really a fan of the stuf that came out after he passed away, written by his son and someone else off of Frank's notes. But the original book, and the ones Frank wrote, were really fun and interesting, I thought. I also love Samuel Delany. His novella "Empire Star" has converted many snobby friends of mine who insisted they were above reading scifi. It's a great read and very short.
@glf1980 (222)
• Italy
10 Apr 07
Yes, I've read only the "original" Frank Herbert, and it's very interesting. Thanks
• Canada
9 Apr 07
My favourite science fiction author is Iain M Banks. The majority of his SF novels are all set in a far-future galaxy-spanning society called The Culture. The first Culture novel is Consider Phlebas. Others include The Player of Games, Excession, and Look To Windward. I enjoy his books for the originality and complexity of the plots and the quality of his writing.
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@dld999 (118)
• United States
8 Apr 07
I like David Weber. His "Honor Harrington" series is incredible. The strategies and space battles are so well-thought out and the worlds and political situations are so fully textured. He also creates unforgettable characters who you cheer or despise as the case may be. My other recommendation is CJ Cherryh. The alien cultures, worlds and politics are populated with great characters and intrigue. Her "Chanur" (spelling?) series is my favorite but her latest "Foreigner" series is also quite good.