HBK screw bret hart, survivor series 1997

April 10, 2007 6:00am CST
do you think that HBK willingly participate in the incident of survivor series 1997 where bret the hitman hart was screwd? or HBK could not do anything about it bbecause he is just following what the boss vince ordered him to do. this is because he could just warned bret hart about the plot but he didn't. do you think that HBK enjoys what happen because he became the champion afterwards? well personally, i think that HBK willingly agrees to the plot. i don't think that he is jealous of bret hart but i think that there is a personal rivalry between them.
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@dbzfan (253)
• India
10 Apr 07
No Hbk Was Jealous of Bret Hart. He Even Wasn,t Agreeing With Vince to about Bringing Bret Hart to Hall of Fame 2006. Vince Himself Had Agreed That Hbk Was Jealous Of Bret Hart,s. He Said to Shawn,What he Did To Bret Could Also Happen to him. If He Doesn,t Wants Bret Hart to Come Hall of Fame 2006.
• India
21 Sep 08
yes.. hbk is much jealous of bret hart always. he was also much anger that sunny is big fan of bret hart. after the montreal screwjob, he stated that he knews nothing about screwjob. but i 2006 he accepted that he knows about the screwjob only before 24 hours. so you can realize how he acted when 1997 survivor series was over, when mcmahon says ring the bell, the match was stopped. shawn acted like he knews nothing. but later truth came from his own mouth.
@ak14all (22)
• India
21 Aug 07
yeah he is screwed but the problem was neither with vince not the shawn but the wwf
@lucy02 (5017)
• United States
15 Jul 07
Yeah, I think he was probably pretty eager to do anything Vince told him to do.
@shyamlal (3538)
• India
10 Jun 07
Bret was a great wrestler.So vince dont wanted to see him flurish in WCW.So he made that plot and HBK was a part of it.HBK was always jealous of bret and he went for the oppurtunity he got.I blame him too for what happen to Bret
@jinggay46 (263)
• Philippines
6 May 07
i do believe that HBK readily agrees to screw Bret during the Survivor series. He do admit that in his book. Aside from being asked by Vince, I believe that this has something to do with the rivalry between them. Both are great wrestlers and there should no rift between them.