"I am pregnant!"

April 10, 2007 11:08am CST
When do you think is the right time to announce your pregnancy. In my country it tends to be at 3 months they say that the risk of something going wrong is dramatically reduced and this is a good time to tell people. Some people even believe that telling everyone beofre this point is bad luck. So when do you think it is the right time to make the announcement? Do you tell family before then though? I am not acually pregnant (note the quotation marks) but was just thinking about it this morning and wondering when you think is the right time to tell people. I think I would be worried to tell everyone and then to lose the baby. And for everyone out there who has found themselves in this situation: Did you tell your partner before you knew for definate and done the test together or did you wait until you had a test ocnfirm it? Thanks for taking the itme to respond!
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
14 Apr 07
I have always told my partner immediately, but not before I knew for sure. On one occassion, it worked out that I was able to tell him on Father's Day, which I thought was very sweet. Immediate family gets told more or less straight away, but for the general public I think the three month or later rule is a very good one. It avoids being put in a position of having to talk about it all the time.
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19 Apr 07
Lol general public! You make it sound like you put an announcement in the paper to everyone. Lol.
@Eskimo (2317)
11 Apr 07
Congratulations on your 'Cyberbabe', 3 months seems to be around the right time to announce the impending arrival of a 'Happy Event' - cyber or otherwise. In years gone by the mother to be had to take a urine sample to the doctor to have it tested in a laboratory to confirm pregnancy ( none of these 'Clear Blue' or similar in those days). As I work in a lab that does those tests, I was able to tell my wife the good news before any one else knew. Tests themselves are much more accurate and can be positive after only a few days of pregnancy, instead of the several weeks in the olden days. There are a number of things that can go wrong in the first few months, including ectopic pregnancy so 3 months is probably a good time to wait before making any general announcements.
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12 Apr 07
Ooooh cyberbabe! SO cool! It is amazing now how good pregnancy tests can be nowadays. I bet you those labs rarely get negative tests back now. I think 3 months is a good time to tell. Although I once knew someone who lost there baby at 10 weeks and she said she was glad she had told people cos then they could go through it with her and help her.
@sarah22 (3981)
• United States
19 Apr 07
yes, its always good to wait awhile to make sure that you and baby are doing well. i kow that its over wheming when you have a secret and want to share it with everyone.
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