Marriage Invitation by SMS / Text Msg, is that ok ?

@femimi (872)
April 10, 2007 12:37pm CST
In my country (and maybe same like yours) SMS / text msg is become a habit, also a quite cheap way to communicate with others. You can congrate people in special occasion by using MMS / EMS (means text with picture inside), and making very crowded traffic for the provider in special days (like Christmas, Idul Fitri, New Year, etc). But what do you think about sending / receiving marriage invitation by sms ? Do you think is it polite enough inviting people in that way (note : since marriage is one of important celebration for us), because some people doing that, and some people are offended receiving such invitation by sms especially if we live in the same city. So what do you feel if you receiving marriage invitation via sms / text msg ?