The Golden A*ss

@tommy408 (361)
April 11, 2007 3:40am CST
There is a guy at my workplace. He is sort of the village idiot of our office. He works as a "runner" or "coffee boy" or "the boy you take cigarettes from without paying" or "the one you order to go take your laundry". And he is constantly the subject of ridicule around the office. Constantly mocked at. Constantly humiliated. Constantly belittled. Perhaps this has made him somewhat a reserved kid who get nervous around people. He stutter, trembles, drop things, trip over things. This of course make get him more and more ridiculed at. The other day, I bought him lunch. We sat in the pantry during lunch hour, just the two of us. And we talked. I learned great deal about him. He is not even half an idiot as I thought. In fact I found him, his opinion and the way he tell tales of his life, very interesting. He even dreams of getting a degree in Multi media studies. Its funny (or scary even), how much damage constant ridiculing could inflict on a person's image. He was constantly ridiculed - about the way he dressed (which seems fine to me when I think back), the way he laugh (quite gross, but still) and the way he never decline to be any body's errand boy. Over time, the normal kid, with a kind ad helpful soul become the ridiculous clown! "...There is no character howsoever good and fine, but it can be destroyed by ridicule, howsoever poor and witless....observe the "a*ss" for instance, his character is about perfect, he is about the choicest spirit among all the humbler animals. Yet see what ridicule has brought him to. Instead of feeling complimented when we are called an a*ss, we are left in doubt..."- Mark Twain. Very true, yes? p/s - For those who are curious, the "Topic" of this discussion is a rip-off of the Latin Novel, The Golden A*ss by Apuleius I've added an * in some words to bypass the myLot censorship. I'm sorry
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@glamgrl (384)
• Ireland
22 Apr 07
hi tommy thank goodness for people like you in the world-people who are willing to scatch the surface
@tommy408 (361)
• Malaysia
23 Apr 07
Actually, (even though I am not proud of it), I seldom do scratch the surface. It is only by chance that I get to sit and have a meal with him and fortunate enough to see the other side of him. All this while, I have taken him as just another clumsy kid who has grown not enough back bone to stand for himself. i was wrong. And I am very thankful that I have learned from my mistake. Never again, I wish will I ever judge a book by its cover :)
• United States
13 Apr 07
People are cruel. They fear things that are different. Perhaps it was his dress, perhaps his stutter. Perhaps they felt threatened by his altruism. People are cruel for varying and multitudinous reasons. That's all it boils down to really. People trying to assert their superiority over those they feel inferior. Or even those that they think are better than themselves. By knocking others down, they build themselves up.
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