My fear about writing a story

United States
April 13, 2007 11:13pm CST
Whenever you write any short story which is sad do you hegitate to publish it? I do because I think people will compare the story with my life? Is my fear good?
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@patgalca (14664)
• Orangeville, Ontario
14 Apr 07
Fear is normal, but it causes writer's block. Do not let fear get in the way of you writing your story. And do not let the facts get in the way of fiction. I always thought if I wrote a story in first person people would think I was talking about myself, but I read so many books like that and I don't think for one minute that the author is referring to him or her self. We write from our own personal experiences. We write what we know. Sometimes we write what we fear might happen to us. Sometimes we write what we fantasize will happen to us. As long as you say it is fiction, people will enjoy it and no one will think you are writing about yourself unless there are a lot of similarities of events. James Frey wrote his 'memoir' "A Million Little Pieces" and wanted to promote it as fiction but the publisher said no. It's a memoir. And then Frey got dumped on because some pieces of his story didn't really happen, or didn't happen the way he said. If we are writing of a true event we will most likely embellish it to make the story more interesting for the reader. That is why I say "Don't let fact get in the way of fiction". I wrote a short story based on a real experience I had with a former co-worker. I embellished on the relationship and added a nice twist to the end that no one saw coming. And it didn't really happen because I'm still alive. LOL! Just do it! Write!