Easy Good Luck Spells

@Bizziebod (3527)
April 14, 2007 5:36am CST
Hi, First of all I would like to point out that the spells I'm about to give you should be taken in the spirit I am giving them to you and be used with care. If you do not believe in spells or believe them to be wrong then you are free to leave my discussion at any time. I asked my friends if they would like me to post them some spells and they have spoken so these are for them! This spell is especially for Jimbo and Tynnac for help with their bad luck and for anyone else who is requiring some good fortune. It might also be worth noting that you have to endure bad times in order for you to enjoy the good times. Bad times also make you stronger and the person you are today so if you can endure your bad luck then all the better for you. What's important is that you have to believe these spells will work, there's no use just sitting there and expect things to happen I'm afraid you have to work at thing too. 1. Magic Ring Luck Spell The moon can convert any ring with a golden band into a magic lucky ring. Turn a golden ring three times counter-clockwise upon first sighting the New Moon, to bring good luck. (If your wish is for someone else then repeat their name as you are turning the ring) 2. Metal Key Spell Wind Charm A collection of keys may be strung toget with red thread as a charm or form into a wind chime, you may also use a bent coat hanger. Hang the keys in the wind to rustle up benefical opportunities. 3. Salt Spell According to a New Orleans tradition, tossing salt onto your front steps on the first Friday of each month brings good fortune to the house. Brightest Blessings my friends