items NOT to put in a microwave oven

@thebeing (657)
April 14, 2007 6:19am CST
hey guys...i recently bought a MO, but, to he honest, i don't quite know what to and what not to put in it... could you gimme some examples of foods not to put in a MO, please? thnx!
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• Malaysia
14 Apr 07
Hi, excited to get a new microwave oven? Here are a few things you DO NOT want to put into a microwave oven: 1. Do not put your clothes in 2. Do not put metal container or dishes with meral rims 3. Do not put sealed jars, it will explode 4. Do not put bottle with tops on, it will shatter 5. Do not put plastic wrappings (coming with frozen food) 6. Do not try and boil eggs, it will explode also 7. Make sure u poke holes in anything with skin like potato or apple, they will burst. 8. Make sure you stir any liquids before u ead them or they can erupt Also, finally, 9. DO NOT operate the oven EMPTY!
• Pakistan
14 Apr 07
Micro wave is recomanded to use for just refresh the food some of the food can cook on the MO but they will nopt provide you the teast and aroma like it on the GAS. but still you can cook on the cake, pastas pais, biskets, etc avoide makig the cries and the rices on it also take care of the dishes what of them are to be put in the MO and what of them to avoide its better to ask to the shop keeper to use of the dish in MO you can also take the pre-cooked and finish them in MO