How God works

United States
April 14, 2007 12:35pm CST
I just wanted to share that my husband and I are so amazed at how God is working in the lives of some of the people we have been praying for and witnessing to now for a while. One of our friends just started playing basketball with a group of Christian men and he found out he has a 1/2 brother recently who had been given up for adoption by his mother. He contacted the 1/2 brother, and he is a Christian. We've been praying for our friend for so long. It's just amazing how the Lord is working. Anyone else have some good stories about how God is working?
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@thefuture (1751)
• Nigeria
15 Apr 07
First and foremost, God have been so wonderful for giving us the privilege to see another wonderful day. God have been so faithful, most especially here in Nigeria where our political leader are not playing their parts and as a result of this, things are becoming difficult for those who are not rich. He have been so faithful helping us to adapt to such condition. We will ever remain grateful to him for he've been doing in our lives. Thanks and have a nice day.
• Norway
15 Apr 07
i have stores a lot because god had e have been in my life everytime and i hope that can be always.. i wanted to have jobb and for longs years i study and made some curses and university but never goog oportunity and all mu freinds with good jobb and me not...but i hade time a lot to study because i dont hade jobb and i never understod why hade not if i study more that my friends....but when i made one avaliacion for public service i was 16 peoples in concurse with 7.000peoples...after this i understod that god have time to all
@Rickrocks8 (1751)
• United States
15 Apr 07
He's pretty awesome isn't he? I have a story. We started going to this church we liked we were going every week. Then we went one a Disney Cruise. So we missed a week. We had filled out paper work for our kids to attend children's church. We came back from out trip took our kids to children's church where I was told I didnt fill out the correct paper work, and they didn't have room for my kids they would have to attend svs with us. They were crushed they wanted to do what they were used to doing. I was upset you just dont ever mess with my kids. We got up to leave. Then we were asked if everything was ok. I said NO told them what was going on. THEY managed to find room in a class for my kids and we went back in. But I really didnt like the feeling that church gave me. It made me very sad, and I was blown away. I told my family we will look for another church. AND so we did. That day I felt so let down so crushed so sad. BUT now I am so happy it happened because we never would have been lead to our church. where we have always felt welcomed loved and cared for. We have made so many good friends, We are involved by choice we are in a small group, and I help out at AWANA. Now I know why that happened. It just goes to show you there is a reason for everything that happens in life but we do not understand what it is at the time. That very sad day was turned into a rainbow day because God reached out to my family and put us where we need to be. I have others but I'm new and I dont want anyone to think I'm a nit! There is a great book it is called God is closer than you think. You should read it! thanks for letting me share! Rhonda
@Polly1 (12649)
• United States
14 Apr 07
It truley is amazing the way God works in your life, if you will only let him. I have experienced Gods grace many times. All you have to do is believe and open the door for him, its that simple. You do also have to communicate and do your best to live right, but that all comes naturally when you have a relationship with him.