What goes around really does come back around

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April 15, 2007 12:57am CST
My ex girlfriend Laurie (we saw each other breifly 7-8 years ago), weaseled her way out of a job that she had done poorly and then foisted off on her friend to get out of. Mind you this girl doesn't like hard work and she did not like the woman she was taking care of. Their personalities just did not mesh! Anyway, she took very poor care of this woman who is fully disabled and needs just about everything done for her, since she just had surgery on the arteries of her leg less than a month ago. She had not even washed her once in the over two weeks since she had come back from the hospital. The woman was in truly bad condition exaccerbated by the bedsores that like half of the patients pain meds missing was one of the problems that I inherited along with the patient. Anyway she thought that she was leaving for a "better"job. The people decided to pay her $600 a month when she had been making $800 per month here. I have in my first two weeks gotten a raise from $800/mo to $1000 a month. She on the other hand in less than a week and a half has quit the other job because of the lowered wages and the demands of the job were worse than here apparently. Me on the other hand, I am acclimating here much better than she, and as I mentioned the level of care I have provided has already netted me a raise of 25% so I am happy. She on the other hand is about broke and unemployed. POOR BABY!
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16 Apr 07
I never knew care givers for the elderly made so little. I swear the people who work the hardest get the short end of the stick. I know that wasn't the gist of your post but it just hit me with the wages you people are making when you have to clean butts and give old people sponge baths. Same goes for teachers and police officers. Things just aren't relative.
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15 Apr 07
Serves her right!! though she deserves worse actually! its not very often that you get to hear about someone getting their bit of karma, but in the rare times you do, it makes you feel great, knowing that you are a better person and good things will come of it. its wonderful to hear that you are taking such good care of your charge that they gave that big of a pay raise!