@as2006 (5041)
April 15, 2007 3:03am CST
Diet is very popular... Diet it's mean not to eat...? Diet it's mean to eat a little a few? Diet it's mean to eatarranged? Diet it's mean what?
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@camar_lyn (1028)
• Singapore
16 Apr 07
To me, diet means to have a well balanced meal. Plan to have the basic food category in your meals. Fruits, vegetables, fat, meat,etc.. The key word is in MODERATION. Try to take in food of many colours. Natural colours i mean. For example, purple cabbage, green parsley, red bell peppers, green grapes, brown rice, etc.. Not eating is NOT dieting. Not eating is fasting, which means to rest the digestive tract that has been working for so long every other day. Cheers! - Lyn
15 Apr 07
Diet simply means what people eat, whether good or bad. You can adjust your diet by eating less, eating more regular, eating healthier food, or leaving certain foods, but even if you would only ever eat burgers all day every day it is still a diet. People seem to use the word diet more when it means to loose weight or eat healthy