Man caught nearly 6 times over legal limit for alcohol.

@muscare (3069)
April 15, 2007 6:30am CST
A man was caught almost 6 times over the legal limit, and it was the 33rd time he'd been caught for drink driving and driving unlicensed while disqualified. He's still out in society, free to do it yet again. I wonder how any judges who have been way to lenient will feel if he kills some poor innocent victim. I'm glad he lives a long way from the town I live in.
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@baileycows (3669)
• United States
10 Jul 08
WOW! I am surprised that he is not in prison for life. We just had a guy convicted in our area that was on his 4th and got 25 years.
@muscare (3069)
• Australia
14 Jul 08
Would actually be good if he was, keeps a big danger off the roads. Some laws in certain areas are quite weak.
@maliki2 (255)
• United States
30 Apr 08
The unfortunate thing with our legal system is that people like this person won't stop driving regardless of what you do. You can suspend his license, take the car etc...that just won't stop them. Until they are thrown in jail and for life mind you, maybe that will send a message.
@muscare (3069)
• Australia
3 May 08
You are right, nothing seems to get through to these people. I still wonder how he'd be punished if he killed someone, and how the judge would feel too, for that matter!
@nashlix (186)
• Singapore
20 May 09
haha wow, caught for the 33rd time and he is still out and not jailed? that is really too lenient of any judge isn't it? such people should be punished heavily if he is really flouting the law to this extent. where is he from anyway? that is kind of absurd haha. in singapore here, our license will be disqualified after just once and imprisonment might be given even. if we are caught for the 33rd time, hahaha i cant even imagine what will happen then.