Have u ever seen a MERMAID?!?!?!??

@kteja_86 (293)
April 15, 2007 6:33am CST
How many out there have seen a REAL MERMAID?!??! Or atleast believe that they really exist?!?!?
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• Philippines
15 Apr 07
i haven't seen a real mermaid but they are real.. but they doesn't look like those in movies.. they are weird creatures, very ugly looking creatures, yes they are half fish and no! not half human, i think they are half alien... try to research about mermaids, you can see mummies of mermaids and those half alien mermaids... i dont think if those mermaids on tv are real or really exist in this world...
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@susieq223 (3742)
• United States
4 May 07
Sorry, I don't believe in mermaids. The closest thing I've seen to one is the one on display at Ripley's Believe or Not Museum in St. Augustine. You can tell someone put it together. We have swimmers who pretend to be mermaids at Wikki Wakki Park. They're neat.
@mskzalameda (4036)
• Philippines
15 Apr 07
an evian mermaid - are mermaids true?
i haven't seen any mermaid in my present, past and maybe will not in the future haha! i always love little mermaid, the one of disney princesses but i think that is too idealistic. if ever i will see one then how i wish she could tour me around their kingdom. i hope she can lend me some tails then ha ha! i want to explore the world under the sea. i love all the things ariel does and meet one day my prince he he! i just love unique odd creatures. i might dream of being a mermaid someday but i have to see them first to have a very good realistic dream then.