Why do plumbers cost so much? No offense to you plumbers out there.....

United States
April 15, 2007 1:46pm CST
Ok I am feeling violated. First a little background. We had rented our house out for three years and the second set of renters literally tried to destroy the house even to the point of setting the garage on fire and causing $65,000.00 worth of damage to the house. Now all of a sudden we are having plumbing problems. We have moved back into the house and the pipes were all draining slow. Friday (yes the thirteenth) the toilets started to back up. Then I forgot about the toilet that just runs and runs forgot to turn the water off to it next thing I know the bathoom and two bedrooms have flooded. So this brings me to the plumbers. I have tried to snake it I can't get the snake past the curves in the toilet pipes. To get a plumber out here they want between $200 and $500 which I do not have. Then on top all of it off I go outside to look for the clean out trap that is supposed to be out there and guess what we don't have one. So my question is this. Why so dang much to come fix this for me? And don't tell me because you have to deal with a nasty toilet cause I have been in both mine up to my elbows trying to fix this myself to no avail. I am so frustrated. Thanks for letting me vent.