Credit Cards - whats the bottomline? Is it good or bad?

April 16, 2007 2:29am CST
MOst of us are making use of these plastic instruments and based on what I gathered, most people fell victim of huge indebtedness because of the credit cards. Me personally, I have to sell one of my cars to pay for the card. Whew! I just hope it will not happen to you too. Take care friends.
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16 Apr 07
I had two credit cards while I was working and earning good money. I had no problem using them at the time, however, now I am not working and unable to pay the bills. I am trying very hard to clear the debt on my cards, but the interest rates on thse are cripplingly high. I'm not sure I would want another credit card now, they are useful up to a point but the repayment rates are too high
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
Can the bank help you reconstruct your debt so that you can pay it comfortably? They should allow people to also benefit with this win-win solution.