Should the U.S. Military be getting ready for Global Warming?

@AdamMax (260)
United States
April 16, 2007 6:26am CST
I heard the United States Military is going to be told by Congress to get ready for events caused by Global warming. Should we worry about this now?
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16 Apr 07
Firstly I think it is the duty of every citizen of the world to think about the way in which they impact on the environment. Nature and the environment are beautiful and should be protected and preserved. I have made many comments in relation to my thoughts on the global warming debate, in that I do not believe that everything that appears to be happening is because of human activity, but there is certainly a body of evidence to support that we have had a major impact, however extreme weather phenomenons, droughts, floods, hurricanes, snow storms, etc have been a part of our history for some time, so I don't think it unreasonable that Military is briefed and ready for how to deal with mass evacuation etc. It sounds like they may even be learning lessons from the dreadful impact on New Orleans and the disgrace that is left behind in the form of the lack of repair. We should look after each other as a society and protect the earth in every respect, after all if climates really do change as much as predicted, things are going to be very different and we are all going to face a lot of challenging scenarios.
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@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
16 Apr 07
i think that congress will find out that the US MIlitary has plans already drawn up. There are people who do planning in the Military. If you looked you would probably find that there are plans to invade Canada and Mexico. It doesn't mean that we will but it is a game they play. Several months ago it was disclosed that the US Military had plans to invade Iran. The military has plans for almost every situtation that they can think of. Just because theyhave a plan does not mean that they are palnning to do it.