Un Called for Sales Pitch By Big Breasted Woman

@ladym33 (10990)
United States
November 11, 2008 11:07am CST
Last Christmas I thought it would be kind of fun and kind of sexey to send my husband out to find a bra for me that he himself found to be sexey and thought would look good on me. The thought behind it was for him to be thinking of me while picking something out specifically for me and thinking of me in a sexey way. He went in to Victoria Secret and was immediately approached by a sales girl, who was according to my husband very well endowed. This is her job and do not begrudge her for doing that. But my husband's assignment was for him to pick something out for me, not have some woman who does not know me pick something out for me. How does that woman know what my husband would think would look sexey on me. Well she takes him over to this rack of bras, they were red, see threw bras. She then proceeds to tell him that this is the bra that she herself was wearing at that very moment as she sticks her breasts out to him. SOLD!! So of course my husband thinking this was quite ammusing came home and told me the whole story. I have never worn the bra and will never wear the bra. He was suppossed to be choosing something sexey for me. Not only did he let someone else choose it he was looking at another woman's boobs when he chose it. To me this bra was not bought with me in mind at all, and I refuse to wear it. I also think it was innapropriate for this sales girl to tell my husband she was wearing a red see threw bra, and jut her chest out on him. Do you blame me? Do you think the sales girl was in the wrong? Do you think my husband was in the wrong?
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@marsha32 (6659)
• United States
3 Jan 09
sure sounds inappropiate to me! I hope you've told him why you've never worn it and won't. I sure don't want to know what he paid for it either, that's not a cheap store. Steve bought me a bra when he bought me some jeans, but he let me pick it out. He liked it...and it has since broken LOL
@thedaddym (1736)
• United States
13 Nov 08
I don't blame you I know you were looking for something different out of this experience. Your husband should have known better then to buy a bra based on what another woman was wearing and then buy it for you, but he probably did nee help shopping for one. The sales girl was morally wrong in her tactics, and I am sure that you his wife did not approve of that sales style, but obviously it works for her.
@hmkoct5 (2065)
• United States
13 Nov 08
LOL - I'm sorry for laughing, but it's kind of funny. I was there when he came home and he told me the whole story. I remember thinking the same kind of things. But, in your husbands defense, I'm sure he has no idea how to buy a bra. I have trouble, so I can see a man definitely having trouble. I probably would have taken the bra back. The saleslady did her job. It's a testament to your relationship that your husband told you the truth!
@winterose (39893)
• Canada
12 Nov 08
I think the sales girl was wrong, I don't think you are wrong and I don't blame your husband He saw a beautiful sexy lady and he bought that bra, for you its a compliment he could have saw the sexy lady in the bra and say oh no way way my wife could never be that sexy I am not buying her that bra or my wife will look like a cow in it or whatever, it was a compliment and I would not mind if my man bought me a sexy bra that he knew other sexy ladies where because I know he thinks I am among that special group of women.
@GardenGerty (128586)
• United States
11 Nov 08
I agree the sales girl was totally inappropriate. I do not know if that is how they are trained to sell or not. I think your husband was totally stupid. Men frequently do not "get it" about things like this. He obviously did get the fact that she was selling herself, but you know what, he obviously has no clue how women, most particularly HIS woman would react to something like that.