Do you wear clothes according to fashion or acc to ur figure?

@aweins (4200)
May 14, 2009 12:37pm CST
to be with the trend , is i think everyone wants, but to be really with it , is difficult, frankly speaking because you should be into that feild and up to the mark. i was very much a fashionable but i was never a person who use to run after the trend that is or was going on. now i have gained weight becasue of the pregnancy but then too i am trying to loose every day and everybit of it where ever and what ever i can do for it. i think if a person is too fat and then wears something that is not good looking atleast on her but is in fashion , is not should look at one self. if you feel that you really deserve the dress or the outfit , you should buy it. if a person can carry also well and with full confidence, then too i tink there are certain dresses which are not made for people who are too fat. what do you say?
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• Philippines
11 Aug 10
I wear both . I t s nice to dress up in fashion without conforming to ur figure. I think it would be weird not to dress to ur figure
• India
12 Jul 10
I am a tall person, i never go for readymade stylish clothes but perfect fit dresses, this is stitched by my tailor only, the ready mades are on average measurements,, not good fitting type,, Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
@puccagirl (7308)
• Israel
19 Jun 10
I always dress according to my figure first of all. But that of course does not mean that you cannot be influenced by current fashion as well. But wearing something that does not flatter you makes no sense to me, no matter how fashionable the piece is. So I always think of my figure first, and about fashion only after that. And I honestly think everyone should do that!
@dksemke (66)
• United States
24 Jan 10
Just because it is in fashion doesn't mean it will look good on you. Being well dressed is a matter of knowing your body type and dressing the accentuate the possitive and draw attention away from the negative. This is the key to great style, which is always in fashion. Everyone has figure flaws and you don't have to have a fabulous body to look good. For example, if you are pear shaped you want to draw attention to everything above the waist. Your tops should hit just above your hip bones and your bottoms should drape over your hips and fall straigh from your hips (pants) or away from your heavier hips and thighs (soft flowing longer skirt). You never want to wear a top that ends at the widest part of your backside. You also don't want to think that wearing oversized clothes will hide your size. They only make you look bigger. Within the guidelines of your figure type you want to always look for well made, nicely tailored garments made in quality fabrics. Unless you are a teenaged stick person, your wardrobe should be considered an investment. And a quality garment is most often timeless. So you pick build a good wardrobe with peices you can mix and match to create more looks with fewer garments. I have a well tailored black leather blazer that I have worn for over 20 years and it still looks great with just about anything. That is just one example. There are books available that can help you determine your body type and help you pick silhouettes that are most flattering. It takes a little more effort, but how you present yourself to the world IS importand and your self-esteme and the perception others have of you are directly linked to the way you dress and look.
@sublime03 (1809)
• Philippines
11 Jun 09
I think a mix and match of both is what I do nowadays. I really do not follow the trend but put a little of what is new today into the simple but elegant way when I dress up. I do not like to look like everybody in the mall and so what I do is I just take something that can be matched with most of my clothing. It is wise to get something that you can wear with other outfits so that you defeat the purpose of wearing something once.
@mimimeow (295)
• Hong Kong
4 Jun 09
Vote for FIGURES!!! Fashion is created by human beings and you choose what fit you. That's nothing fashionable when they are not matching. Choose your own fashion. Don't let fashion choose you!
@med889 (5953)
1 Jun 09
I always wear clothes I feel comfortable with, I might be wearing something which is not trendy at all but yet I feel very good in wearing it , and similary wearing something trendy is less important to the way you feel when you wear the clothes. I have to go to the office so I wear classic clothes and also some fashinable shoes to go along, when I am hanging with friends then I wear things which are comfortable and fashionable to fit to my body.
• Philippines
23 May 09
a little of both for me.I love fabrics that skim my figure.I love fabrics like jersey because it emphasize my figure.I love prints also.these past few seasons,prints are big.good thing I have a lot of printed dresses.
21 May 09
I dress for Fashion rather that comfyness My hair takes half hour my shoes rub my clothes are expensive and i need a new outfit all the time. But I love it, It fills me with confidence I do yoga everyday, and go running every other day, I use quite alot of products to make sure my skin looks nice, I dont wear make-up though. Becuase looking good is very important to me becuase I want a career in fashion, and I just love catching on to the latest trends or just standing out from the crowd
• Philippines
15 May 09
I am large sized woman and a mom to four very active children. Because of this, I can't really wear the fashions that would be uncomfortable for a mom to wear. The first criteria for the clothes I wear would be comfort and practicality. Comfort because I don't want to worry about the clothes on my back when there are a lot of other things that need my attention, such as my kids and their needs. It should be practical, easy to wear and maintain. But I am also quite fashionable, so I go for clothes that are practical for a mom but at the same time fashionable enough that I'd be proud of myself in it.
@riyasan (25)
15 May 09
Whenever I go for shopping, I purchase clothes which I really like, irrespective of whether it is currently "in fashion" or regardless of whether it would suit my figure. I simply love to wear jeans or tops which I like. If someone gifts me the latest trend clothes, I may not wear it , if I dont like what I see. So I think, for me it is my own pleasure and not fashion or figure ..
• Philippines
15 May 09
i should say i have to wear what is acc to my figure. i make sure i feel comfortable with the clothes that i wear and not just to wear according to fashion just to please everyone. what if the fashion style today would not fit your body? im sure that would look awful. there are some styles too that are good for a certain figure that would make her/him look good.
@tundeemma (896)
• South Africa
15 May 09
i do wear clothes according to several factors, i might like a cloth simply because of its brand or fashion name and for now i wear clothes because south africa is very cold right now, when it is less cold i put on light clothes, i also wear clothes that fits my figure, something that is not too loose or too fitted
• Philippines
15 May 09
I do wear clothes that i feel comfortable wearing. Be it in fashion or not, as long as i know how to handle it well and it goes along with the right color for skin tone and probably my own favorite colors. I don't mind about the figure thing. As long as i feel it looks decent to look at, not revealing, not so fleshy or daring, i go for that attire. Women should know what dress they wear. Specially if the country is conservative, they should also respect the way to dress. In the country to where i stay i see women are wearing long skirt, covered themselves very well and i respect it. I don't wear shorts or mini skirts in public because i would be the center of distraction. I only wear those at home where no one sees me but my hubby. Sometimes in dressing, we also need to consider our environment. If we offend others by the way we dress, we better change our attire at the moment to earn some respect.
@zzyw87 (1259)
• Philippines
15 May 09
I never ever wear clothes that are fashionable but are not a nice fit for me or my figure. I am not a slave to fashion at all. I love wearing clothes I feel comfortable and nice in. I always buy clothes that fit my figure perfectly. Also, I prefer simple and plain clothes with not a lot of frills or stuff. For example, one will still look trendy if one wears a plain tee but accessorizes it with a gorgeous necklace intricate. I do that most times. When it comes to clothes or shoes, I don't follow fashion. But I love accessories.
@tabsnlos (587)
• United States
14 May 09
I believe we should wear what makes us feel good. I have always been fashionable and up with trends, but those are trends I like... I won't buy an outfit just because I saw jlo wearing it. I also love to wear things that people don't consider trendy...I like to be myself and if I like an outfit that was last season and you don't like it...TOUGH! I will wear what I want =) Some people do wear things that maybe don't fit them anymore, and that I can't stand. In FL I see women wearing the shortest shorts ever, but they don't fit....They have all their goods out for the world to see and thats not cool...LOL I think heavier people should wear what they want, but they should just buy it in their size.
• United States
14 May 09
I always dress for my figure! I am not very into fashion, but that is because I think a lot of it is ridiculous. I think the other part of it is because I have always had curves. And I dont mean fat! Even when I was my thinnest - a size 6 - I couldnt wear most of the fashion because they were made for girls who didnt have any curves at all! I hate when people wear something because they think it is fashionable but it doesnt look good on them. I think it makes them look like a moron! Why would anyone wear something that isnt flattering? I think people look much better if they wear something that is flattering for their figure, even if it is 'out of style'. I would rather look good in my clothes than wear what other people think I should wear! I wish more people believed the same thing!