Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character you think you resemble most?

@Abhii88 (214)
August 16, 2009 1:15pm CST
Like you i am also a fan of this sitcom since a long time. Each one of you must have found yourself in Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachael, Phoebe. So which one are you and tell the reason too to support your answer. Well i resemble CHANDLER because of his sense of humour and hard lady luck. I just love his character and him. Matthew u rock. Also i have a bit of Monica in myself because of cleanliness. hehe What about you
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@gaz2k9 (39)
16 Aug 09
I would have to say Chandler too. My sense of humour is pretty much the same, although the lack of luck with the ladies has never been an issue for me lol. My favourite episode with Chandler is when he gets handcuffed to the filing cabinet in Rachels bosses office.
@Abhii88 (214)
• India
17 Aug 09
haha ya i remember that one...it was good one his moments with Joey are my favorite when Rachael and Monica use to live in the next apartment
• India
23 Sep 10
Hello i am old enough, i don't resemble with any there.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always, cheers. Professor. .
23 Sep 10
I think I resemble Ross because of his 'scientific' approach towards life, the only difference is that I do it deliberately to infuriate and make my friends laugh and not to get laughed at :)
@puccagirl (7312)
• Israel
23 Sep 10
Unfortunately, I have to say I am the most like Monica. I taking cleaning and organization very seriously and I also have very strong opinions.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
10 Jul 10
Great, my favorite carachter. I resemble Phoebe, I am crazy about animals, Vegetarian and try to do the right thing, have my rules. Also Chandler in his humor, I think his jokes are smarts, makes you think not just some goofy jokes. I love science and study like Ross. I kind of dated a lot and am little lucky like Rachel, but wasn't cheer leader. :D
@vandana7 (72133)
• India
21 Nov 09
Oh dear, I am too old. Can't you all have a version with older women? LOL. I too think I have little of everybody. :)
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
14 Nov 09
i am like pheobe because i also like to live life like an experienmenting person that wants to do different things in life . one word describes it all "unusual"
@wolf2999 (213)
• China
3 Sep 09
This is my list of my resemble: Chandler,Joey,Ross,Phoebe,Monica,Rachel.