How many pairs of earrings do you own?

September 17, 2009 10:11am CST
What can I say? I love jewelry, especially earrings. I have about 40 pairs which I like to match with whatever shirt or blouse I am wearing (mostly tops). My mother always tells me, "What will you do with all those earrings"? Mind you, I bought nearly all of them at sale prices (never wanted to pay full price if I can get them for less). I view them as investments which I intend to hand down to my 2 daughters in the future.
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• Philippines
16 Oct 09
I have lots of earrings.I have more than a hundred.I have different kinds - hook,dangle,and clipped on.I love earrings.I want to design my own earrings.earrings can easily lighten up my face.
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16 Oct 09
Lucky you. I, too, would like to work in the jewelry business. Alas, I have no creative talent for designing. I love looking at jewelry though, even if I don't wear them. Just this morning, I won a bid on a pair of mystic topaz earrings I wanted to have for so long. Another piece to add to my little collection. Thank you for responding.
@riyasam (16567)
• India
25 Oct 09
i am not the one to wear jewellery,i go out with minimal make -up and i avoid wearing jewellery but that does not i do not appreciate jewellery,i like to see people with jewellery on,they should have good taste,i hate the gaudy ones.
25 Oct 09
Hi riyasam, I like wearing jewelry but I love looking at jewelry (especially gemstones) the most. I appreciate gemstones so much that often, I just look at them, the different fantastic colors, the way the light shines on them which brings out their glow - these are all the things that I love about gemstone jewelry. Thank you for responding.
@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
5 Oct 09
I only have a couple of pairs for when I am really dressing up for something. I don't have pierced ears, got them when I was 12 and they got really infected so I let them close, so I don't wear earings reularly only to weddings or Christmas parties and really fancy events. I have a couple I keep around just for those occasions. Of course I can't take wearing them all night either because the clips eventually hurt after a while.
7 Oct 09
I must admit my pierced ears are quite sensitive, bleeds when I start tugging at them. I have this annoying habit of pulling my ears when I am nervous. Thank you for replying.
@Iriene88 (5345)
• Malaysia
20 Sep 09
I do not have many pairs of gold earring BUT I have plenty of costume jewellery earrings. In Malaysia, many shops, night markets and flea market are selling 3 pairs of earrings for RM10.00 only. At times we can even get 4 pairs for the same price. (USD1 = RM3.5) I love earrings, whenever I go out, I must wear a pair of earring to match my clothes too...just like you It did cheer us up and I think we look better with it, right? Thanks and take care :)
20 Sep 09
Thanks for the comment, I wish I could visit your fleamarkets. They sound so fun to shop.
@se7enthbird (8316)
• Philippines
19 Sep 09
my wife does not wear any earings. she wears before but she had an accident that made her ears bleed and from then on stopped using earrings. we both work as a band and she was a singer. she has this dangling earrings that caught her hair. when she pulled her hair it scratches her skin that made it bleed. hairs are harp specially when it is just a few strands. it made her earlobes bleed. from then on she lessen the use of earrings and sometimes does not wear at all
19 Sep 09
Sorry to hear about this. I had a friend who actually had her earlobe partly ripped off because her young son pulled on her dangling earring. I am extremely careful when I wear my dangling earrings. They can get tangled in just about anything.
• United States
17 Sep 09
Well... I have you beat. I stopped counting at 60+ so that's that. I enjoy my jewlery. I don't have daughters to pass them down to- but I don't care. Many were gifts, so were hand-downs from other family and that's what I will do pass them on. I have 5 neices and that's where most will go. They weren't all expensive but that weren't cheap either. I do have two pairs that I plan to pass down to my sons for their future wives/ daughters... the rest well who knows? Happy mylotting!
18 Sep 09
wow! and i thought, i was too much into jewelry. it's comforting to know that there is someone out there who enjoys their jewelry. thanks.
@Mayuko (1271)
• United States
20 Jun 12
I have my earrings split up in two boxes. One box has casual earrings that I wear in everyday situations and the other box has earrings for a formal or semi-formal occasion. Total, it's about 55 earrings, but there are 38 casual earrings. All of my earrings are fashion jewelry. Like the kind you would find in Afaze, Claire's, Icings and the fashion jewelry section of JC Penney and Sears. I don't like really like gold, silver, diamond and other precious stones. I had some gold and silver several years ago, but they don't fit my style anymore. I find the fashion jewelry fits me a lot more. That being said, I don't think they are that much of an investment
@loveshop (127)
• Turkey
16 May 12
i love earring too, i always change my earring, i did threw some of the earring which i don't like. Thats a waste and sin actually. But that's my bad habit. I have plenty and keep changing, maybe cos i'm selling jewellery :)
@jureathome (5362)
• Philippines
26 Apr 12
40 pairs? Wow, that's a lot. I used to have a bunch, too, when I started working, but some got worn out and I threw them away. I only kept the best ones I have which were the most expensive pairs I bought. I do intend to also hand them down to my daughters, in the near future. Thinking about that makes me inspired to restart my collection.
• United States
23 Apr 12
I have soo many earrings I cant even count them all!! I love earrings! I've been "collecting" earrings since I was little, I get some every birthday, Christmas, and sometimes just because. I cant wear them all but I still love them and enjoy getting them even if I dont have anything to match them with because then I have a reason to go shopping for clothes LOL