How is quality of education in your country?

@umer5222 (724)
December 22, 2009 4:35am CST
In my country, quality is satisfied. Advance and new things are always updated in books.Every body is using new technology, well equipped labs for experiment. What about you country?
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@Porcospino (28251)
• Denmark
30 Dec 09
Some time ago read an article about the Danish schools, and in that article it said many of the books are far too old. The students sometimes have to read books where Germany is divided in two countries, where the Sovjetunion still exists etc. When I went to primary school in the late 80's and the early 90's we had books from the 70's, and it sounds like some of the schools still use old books. It is question of money of course, and it is my impression that there is difference the public schools and the private schools. I have tried both kinds of schools myself and the private school was much better. I learned a lot more at the private school and the teachers were better, but that is just my personal experience.
@rjvb26 (2518)
• Philippines
26 Dec 09
If you will ask about the quality of education in our country then i can say, it is a bit good and a bit bad. There are schools in our country who can provide really good and quality education and there are those who cannot. There are schools who can hire teachers that can really give quality education. Well i guess it still depends if the school is private or public.
• United States
23 Dec 09
i cant apeak for all educational institutions but i have become increasingly disillusioned with the public school system. it has been created to educate a "cookie cutter" society where everyone is the same and that is BS because we AREN'T the same! kids who are smarter get bored and end up being branded troublemakers and kids who have trouble keeping up are left behind, get frustrated and give up. i took my daughter out to homeschool and it was the best decision i ever made.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
23 Dec 09
In my country the Philippines education is best I think because their is a combination of modern and innovative approaches that are applied in the class rooms. Our government have various programs strenghtening the social importance of education passing it from administration to the next. The cost of education also depends on what school one will choose to study. It is much cheaper in public schools than private institutions but the quality is just the same, books used and other educational tools are checked by proper monitoring agencies.
• United States
22 Dec 09
I think the quality of education in the US is pretty good in terms of the technology that we are able to use to aid us in learning. However I think the standards are sometimes too low because I know that in other countries, they are more strict with the students and actually make them learn the subjects well, whereas here, we can learn it and as soon as we take the test, we end up forgetting it. It really depends on what the subject is and all, but that's how I felt as I went through all my years and even until now while I'm in college. Sometimes I wish that they really made us know the material because I realized that most of my school years just consisted of memorization, not necessarily learning the material. I tend to just memorize for the test and then I end up forgetting a lot of it later on.
@MJay101 (711)
22 Dec 09
The education system in the UK is utterly abysmal. My Mum's a teacher; I have nine aunts and uncles who are teachers, and all four of my grandparents were teachers. Also, my other half is currently a teacher. (No: I'm not a teacher! ) Anyway, from talking to the lot of them, I feel vaguely qualified to comment. That, and it's really not so long since I left school myself... The biggest problem - in my view - is that education has been affected by the target-setting, numbers driven culture of New Labour. They have managed to wreck everything else, so why should schooling be any different? Because everything is "measured", nothing is actually taught. Children learn how to pass exams (sometimes), and not how to think, or reason for themselves. Thus, exams are getting easier and easier (I'm 24, and I can see this), and even universities are dumbing down in order to churn students through a meaningless course - for money. Meanwhile, class sizes are up, the government is splurging hundreds of millions of pounds on failed initiative after failed initiative, students are the unhappiest in the Western world, teachers are stressed out... Oh, and most schools are now recruiting NQTs for a year, then sacking them and moving on to the next crop (to keep costs low); that, or they are hiring "classroom assistants" who do the same job for a fraction of the price, but do it poorly, with no continuity, and largely aren't qualified. It's a total disaster.
@madteaparty (2759)
• Japan
22 Dec 09
Aah, I'm jelous of your country! In my school we're still using VHS videos and tape cassettes. No joke, I was so shocked when I saw that! The day that one of my teachers appeared with a dvd player in a class I felt like we had been brought back to the future, but it was only one day.
• India
22 Dec 09
Education has ever been looked at Indian culture as a holistic effort since time immemorial. Indian culture is in the core attributes of education beginning from ”Gurukul” type of education, where the disciples lived in the house of the Master who taught them what all things he knew for years together. And medical education has never been an exception since the period of Vedas. As a tradition education is being looked upon holistically even today in India. The students practice it more holistically, whatever be its field. Be it Medicine, Engineering, Electronics, Humanities or any subject one is likely to get proper Higher Education in any of these fields. Today the Higher Education is controlled and maintained by the University Grants Commission in India. They keep the quality of education on par with the international standards, which is a heritage India acquired since the British occupation. Since then all fields of Education remained up-to-date in quality and in quantity. Medical education, Engineering education or any type of professional education be it, it remains so even now. The literacy level in India is the highest compared to anywhere else in the world. The reason for the growth of literacy is because of the umpteen numbers of various types of Colleges and Universities offering different kinds of education in various fields beginning from Medicine to Engineering to Astronomy and Forestry. We have plenty of Colleges and Universities offering higher education opportunities In Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering etc offering different types of professional degrees such as MBBS, MD, MS, BDS, MDS, and all kinds of Graduate and Post Graduate degrees. So is the case with the branches of engineering too.