Preferred mode of transport

@dhawanbm (3705)
March 18, 2010 11:28am CST
Whats your favourite mode of transport, is it train or bus, or may be you like to travel, by air. It seems to be so assuming to travel a bit to the nearby places and have fun., but the real fun is traveling, I prefer to travel light with so little carry cases and its the trains which suit me the most, .. the journeys are so very convinient and amazingly cool. I love trains and fast ones are to be got on to. Its the facilities which make it much more comfortable rather than the time spent on the journeys!
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• India
7 May 10
If it is within 50 kilometers and i have to comeback same day i prefer my car, but for longer journeys i prefer train ,usually 2 tier AC , I find it most comfortable always.... Thanks for sharing. God bless you. Cheers. Prof
@Porcospino (30185)
• Denmark
10 Apr 10
I usually prefer to travel by train or by bus, because that gives me the chance to see as much as possible. I like to look at the towns and the beautiful places that I pass when I am travelling by train or by bus. If I have to travel a short distance I think it is fine to go by bus, but if I want to travel for many, many hours I prefer to go by train. In the past I have travelled by bus for 30 hours or more, and I think it is quite hard to spend so many hours on a bus.
• United States
19 Mar 10
I love traveling by train. Something about it is very relaxing to me, and I find it easy to enjoy being awake or asleep, or a combination of both throughout the whole trip. I get nervous flying, and I get carsick in vehicles, so train is the way to be!
@maximax8 (30579)
• United Kingdom
18 Mar 10
My favorite mode of transport is train and in the day time I enjoy seeing the view from the window. During the night time I like to sleep in a comfortable compartment. The seat in the day has space and plenty of leg room. At night a train journey is relaxing. I like the sound of the engine. I have to travel by plane if it is a long haul trip. I travel by bus if no train service is available. I have been on trains in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. It is a shame when some countries railway services are cut. I traveled from Christchurch to Dunedin before it was closed. I know that South Africa has a limited train service. Luxury trains are way too expensive. The train in Canada that goes from Vancouver to Banff is a luxury service and I wish it was an ordinary service. The longest train rides I have done are Cairns to Brisbane plus Stockholm to Narvik. My house is within walking distance of a train station and that pleases me.
• India
18 Mar 10
If its not too far i love traveling by train. But if its gonna take more than an over night journey by train i prefer traveling by air.