Family stories, do you have a favorite one or more?

@writersedge (22577)
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May 14, 2010 6:40am CST
I have many favorite family stories and I love to tell them all, but I will only tell you this one for now: My Father was 21 years younger than one of his brothers who was getting married the week he was born. He was a menopause baby. He was so poor, he had to eat whatever he found as a kid (frog legs, berries, etc.). For many years, he lived in misery for a variety of reasons. Finally, one of his much older sisters (like 15 years) got a job and started to help take care of him. They became very close. She was more like his Mom than his Mom was, and he never got along with his Father for many reasons. Anyway, we would not go to see his sister for months at a time due to the weather. When the weather became good, we would pile into a car and go see her. We would get there and the oldest daughter or son would come out and say, "Mom and Dad just went to see you. Mom suddenly decided to go." So we would go back home and find a note on our door, "Sorry we missed you." This happened time and time again. So after the third time, I told Dad to call her because this was getting ridiculous. We were always going and never getting to see her. Plus we would leave and miss them again. I never got to see my Aunt, my Uncle and we would turn around and quickly leave, so I only got a glimpse and a couple of words from my Cousins (their kids). So Dad picked up the phone and called. Busy signal. I said, "Oh, let me call." I did. The oldest daughter answered the phone, "Mom just tried to call you guys, but you had a busy signal." Of course, I told her that Dad was trying to call her Mom. So I told her that the next time, they decide to call each other, one of us (me or the daughter) should try to call. I believe that they had the same idea pop into their heads at the same time or close to the same time, finished dialing at the same moment, and canceled each other out. It took someone else doing the calling to stop this. We never spoke of this. It just was. My Mother would have gotten upset if I had said anything. So none of us said anything. There were other interesting "coinsidences" (in quotes because many people don't believe in coincidences). So do you have a good story concerning someone in your family to tell? What is it?
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@celticeagle (123847)
• Boise, Idaho
14 May 10
What a story! I have lots of stories but all are rather sad and not real positive. My daughter and two grand children are all the family I have left. I love them dearly, they just don't always make me very happy. Especially my daughter. I have great memories of my grandparents and my early life. I spent the summers at my grandparents and loved them dearly. I can remember making mud pies for my grandpa's 'lunch' when he was out working around the house. He was not really into kids but I seemed to endear myself to him. My grandmother was like a mother to me. She used to babysit for some kids and one came back to see her thirty years later. Can you tell I loved my grandparents? They were very special.
@deebomb (15319)
• United States
21 May 10
I have so many concerning both my parents and grandparents. I need to write them down for my kids and grandkids. I was in my early thirties and had never been camping. My dad Lived near some very interesting hills that had flat tops or mesas. It was my birthday and I decided I would like to go camping. Dad loaded up his horse with the equipment. The equipment consisted of blankets, water and food. dad had a prosthetic leg so he road up to the top while I my 4 kids and mom walked. It was only two or three mile not far to walk but was a bit of a climb. We get to the top and sat down and enjoyed the view. We could see for miles and see the cars on the highway. The cars looked like ants. We watched the sunset and when we noticed the cars having their lights decided time to build a fire and have supper. Dad was a pro at camping like this so i followed his lead. So after it gets dark He tells us it's time to get beds located. After everyone settled in for the night the wind comes up and we hadn't gotten the coals put out from the fire. Any way I spent the night chasing live coals and blankets. Didn't get much sleep. That was my first and last camping trip.
@writersedge (22577)
• United States
22 May 10
I hope you're able to write all that down to pass on to future generations. Family history/stories are important.
@jasmeena (850)
• Indonesia
20 May 10
Wonderful!!How many brothers and sisters does your father have?My dad comes from big family, he`s the OLDEST of 14!!(but now only 7 left). I have story about one of my uncles,my dad`s younger brother. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1996, when i was at college. What i remember most about him was he`s very close to me and my sister. I didn`t know about his business whatsoever and based from my mom`s story, he used to work in Saudi Arabia for about 5 years, then he decided to focus on family business here. When he got home, he gave his luggage to my mom and said"I bring these stuff, please choose whatever you want". He brought everything for us. He was never married, and I don`t know why. I remember him as a very nice and caring person.
@writersedge (22577)
• United States
20 May 10
I think 3 sisters and 2 brothers. That's like the maiden aunt stories that many people have only this is an old Uncle story. I'm sorry he passed away in 1996 when you were in college. He sounds like he was very special to you all. I love your name. Thank you for responding. I hope you check out more of my discussions and take care.