hindu muslim love..!!!

@drdivu (1011)
October 22, 2010 12:03am CST
hi all..I m from orothodox hindu family and as usual my parents are searching for a guy in our religion soon..rather very very soon..!! I have known a guy, muslim for six months but never ever talked to him on those terms though we both were attracted to each other...Now that since more than month I m going out with him..We dont know about our future...he is trying to convince his side..but my side cant be convinced either...can u help us a way to get together and still cause no pain to others..!! pls help... thanks for ur help...
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• Malaysia
22 Oct 10
The key point now is your understanding and perception related to your own words for "attracted to each other". It's not a matter of convincing issue to take first between you and him once you've phrased "hindu muslim love..!!!". The word "love" means a lot in one relationship which is its level is above than like. Just imagine sailing a ship through an open sea, for sure, an admiral must has explained the vision, missions, and objectives of one journey to all selected crews. Everybody must ready to undertake the challenge in the journey. This imagination and related to your case, if you feel or have envisioned something not right with the proposed plan, better don't board the ship. Unless, if you said "Love does means a lot and crosses obstacles", be confident to go for it and acquiesce to the nature giving. No one can dictate you other than yourself. So, what's your actual standing in this case? Love or Religion that really does matter to you?
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@Lore2009 (7378)
• United States
27 Oct 10
Maybe you guys can escape to another country. Wow, your story is like a fairy tale. / Best wishes.
@ifa225 (14493)
• Indonesia
22 Oct 10
if u both still convince in your own believe, i think it is hard to keep the relation and grow it into a marriage. it is better for both of you to compromise first. but if no one deal with it, there is nothing else but to be apart