the days becoming busy...

August 8, 2011 8:37am CST
hi mylotters, my life has encountered with busy days. these things came so quickly and without any permission. before some weeks my life was normal and suddenly so many duties came together that make my days busy. i do not even get time for checking my mails. and when i opened my inbox today, i really get bored to see a heap of mails. also at facebook,etc. so many notifications awaited me. the life is so embarrassing. sometimes lonely, sometimes with friends, some times boring, sometimes busy. do you feel like this? one day you r busy, the next day you are very much free. do you like this type of life? of course i too like some change rather than going through constant life. but the busy days make me miss mylot. and i am too sad about that. what is your opinion?
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@alquizar (480)
• Philippines
11 Aug 11
I am the type of person to make sure that I have something else to do than watching t.v.I spend time a lot infront of the computer to respond here in my lot,make a discussion and learn something about it.Sometimes I will clean our house just to keep me busy.
@JasperTore (1275)
• Philippines
9 Aug 11
I think getting busy for several days is just normal. Just bare with it since there will come a time that it will be months of busy schedule. I already experienced this and all I do was to keep on doing the tasks that I can finish. Not worrying about the consequences if I was not able to do this and that. The important is you have done something at the end of the day. Sometimes, we can't help it but to feel down since we think that we couldn't make it or we're just so pessimists. I just want you to know that you should make a plan of your life. Make a reservation of the things that will come up ahead of your schedule. List them and organize them so that they will not be worrisome when the time comes that you have to do all of them. If you have planned ahead of time then its easy to do things. Just be organize and you will see that you will have time to do the things here in mylot.
@SomeCowgirl (32191)
• United States
8 Aug 11
My life is going to get busier now that I have a job. I guess I'd have to say I do like busy but I don't at the same time. I like to be able to relax and spend time with friends whenever, but with work I just can't. However, I need money and everyone needs a job so they don't go stir crazy like I have been doing. I won't be as active on mylot as I used to be, but then again I've not been very active here lately anyway. I will however try to make the minimum each month because $10.00 comes in handy.
• Philippines
9 Aug 11
Yes, life is unpredictable. Moods are fluctuating and everything is constantly changing. That's just part of living. You have to adjust to everything that life throws at you because we can't control it. Sudden busy days can really be exhausting and I really don't want the feeling of being pressured during such times. But still, such sudden changes are what makes life beautiful, aren't they? Don't worry, those busy days will eventually come to an end and myLot will always be around to welcome you after those busy days.