Extreme Couponing, does this describe you?

United States
September 13, 2011 11:45am CST
I have been watching the Extreme Coupon show and love it. I do use coupons and have two binders that I haul to the store every time we go shopping even if it is just a small trip. I am not as accomplished as some of the couponers I have seen on this show however. I wish!! I have been known to walk out of the store with items I only paid tax on, I mean really who doesn't love FREE? I have over 20 boxes of cereal that was either FREE or less than a dollar. I have 16 cake mixes that cost a total of 4 dollars for the 24 I had to begin with. I have 3 bottles of Tide detergent that was less than 4 dollars apiece. So I don't do too bad did I mention all the toothpaste, razors and feminine products I have? no? Well its a lot, a whole lot. LOL Do you use coupons? Do you consider yourself extreme? What was your best deal?
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@Thoroughrob (11746)
• United States
13 Sep 11
I do lots of the free things too. I do not pay over $1 for cereal. Although it seems the companies are making this harder by not putting as many good valued coupons out. A lot of them you have to get at least 2 to use the coupon. I do have lots of laundry soap and fabric softener too.
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@GardenGerty (134889)
• United States
13 Sep 11
I use a few coupons, but I am not extreme at all. I do not have the time to put into figuring it all out. I know that many people enjoy doing this and many stores are changing their rules regarding coupons because they are trying to slow this down. I am happy for the people who can do this, but it just is not me.
• United States
13 Sep 11
I do try to use coupons most every time i go out to the grocery store. WHy wouldnt you, i get points for using my coupons i print out online too so thats always good too then i get gift cards i can use as well. Im not sure how to get free items yet but im getting there and found out some stores that can use double cupons now too so i like that of course too. A couple weeks ago a local grocery store here was offering a good deal if ou buy three boxes of cereal you get the milk free so i did that i was had coupons for cereal and that was a good deal for me, then if we bought two bags of meatballs then you get three items free, such as a pie, spaghetti sauce and garlic bread and that was meat we barely paid anything for and we did meatball sandwiches one night with it and spaghetti so why wouldnt you do it in the first place. They also had buy one get one free on laudnry detergent and i had a coupon for it so that day i did a savings of over 50 dollars and that was te best i have done yet and it was amazing walking out of there only payiing 80 dollars with a full cart of groeries and i hope they do something good like this again because iw ill be back at that store again.
@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
13 Sep 11
I don't have the habit of using coupons. I know it's a good habit to have cos it can help me save some money. But I find it troublesome cos I would have to remember when the coupons would expire, etc. It's unbelievable that you bought those stuff at such low prices!
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@celticeagle (124708)
• Boise, Idaho
15 Sep 11
I am not an extreme couponer. I used to save coupons but I found that most of the time two things happened. I either forget to use them or forgot to bring them with me. And they were for other brands and not what I used or liked. I even had a cute little coupon holder. I don't do it anymore.
• Canada
29 Sep 11
I wouldn't say that totally describes me, but I do jump on a coupon if it's for a place I go, or a product I use. :) I am always on the lookout for coupons for my favourite coffee shop, or some place that I go to often.