I am very stressed out this week..

@jdex_143 (1093)
October 21, 2011 9:05am CST
Hi, lotters! I really had a hard time visiting mylot this week. It was my first day at work last Monday and it was so stressful. I have to learn so many things in a day. I really had a headache. Sometimes, I get to take my lunch after 12 noon. Huhuhuhu.. I hope I can adjust myself as soon as possible so that I can't be scolded by my head.. :(
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@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
22 Oct 11
Hi jdex! Good for you that the week is over! At least there's one thing you can be thankful for, you survived the week! Good job! Time will surely come that you will finally be adjusted to your new work, aim for that and you won't notice the hardships during your adjustment period. Good luck and keep up the good work!
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@moneywinner (1864)
• Brazil
22 Oct 11
The first days are always the worst ones. You don't know anyone and anything, so, you need help to do everything, it's a very unconfortable situation, at least for me. But, with the time everything gets easier, so, just wait a few more weeks and you will be fine on the your new job.
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• United States
22 Oct 11
Hang in there. It will get better.
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@celticeagle (151191)
• Boise, Idaho
23 Oct 11
The first few weeks of a new job can be very stressful. I hope you make it okay and learn all you need to. Stress will give you a headache to be sure. A cool cloth and some rest will do you alot of good. The new weeks will be behind you before you know it and it will be routine.
@inertia4 (27961)
• United States
25 Oct 11
Starting a new job for the first time is always stressful. There is always an adjustment period. Take a deep breath, calm down and don't think about it too much. If you cannot come to MyLot often, then take a break, adjust yourself and your schedule, then come back. It will take some time.
@thatgirl13 (7294)
• South Korea
22 Oct 11
Hey there, I have never really worked but I do think the first week or the first few days are the hardest. You have to learn the work there, adjust yourself with the rules they have and such. SO don't take it so hard on yourself and I know you will be able to make it. Good luck and don't be too stressed