We had a coastal clean-up last Sunday..

@jdex_143 (1093)
November 7, 2011 1:46am CST
Hello, lotters! It's so nice to be able to visit mylot. I was quiet busy these couple of days. I have so many things to handle, to learn and to adjust to. Last Saturday, I attended a seminar. An earth care program of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature. Our company was one of the sponsors. That's why by Sunday morning, we committed ourselves to cleaning one of coasts' in the City. It was fun though. But I felt not good because I had no friends yet in our company. I felt left alone. Thank God, one of the newbies also in our company accompanied me. Anyway, going back to our seminar, we were asked what is that one thing you can do to help save mother nature? Our branch pledged that we shall turn off the air conditioning units at 3:00pm. Personally, I will unplug the appliances I have in my room also because if you leave an appliance unplugged, it will still cause you electricity. I will also conserve water by using the basin when washing the plates. How about you? What is that one or three things you can do to help save our mother earth?
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@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Nov 11
hi jdex when we were in our apartment we bought those screwy looking light bulbs and cut down our power bill by 30 dollars. they just give you a lot m ore light at a tenth the cost and that really helped. we also shut off lights in rooms we were not using.We also used the air conditioning a lot less and that helped cut down on the costs.
@celticeagle (151602)
• Boise, Idaho
8 Nov 11
I save water by showering and turning off the water while I lather and shave my legs. Then rinse hair and legs. I conserve on gas by doing several errands while out for any reason. I set the timer on my tv so it turns off and doesn't run all night after I fall asleep. I utilize the suns rays in the window instead of turning on the heat during the day also.
@toniganzon (72347)
• Philippines
8 Nov 11
Planting trees. That's one. I did that when i was in college and i wonder how tall the tree is now. The simplest thing that i could do in my own house is segregating. It's one thing that i see as the most important in cleaning the garbage. We need to segregate so things that needed recycling can be recycled and not harm the environment. And lastly, using the air conditioner less, which is something that i'm always doing to conserve energy.
@SIMPLYD (90727)
• Philippines
7 Nov 11
Well, i think without thinking that i am helping in saving mother earth, i do have some contributions too. Just like you, we unplug all our appliances at our bedroom, whenever we go to work. I don't burn those leaves, i just pile them up in one corner and let it decay the natural way. It fertilizes the ground that way. I don't burn any plastic material. I don't waste water. At the office, we turn off some lights and the aircon during lunch break. It saves electricity that way and helps mother nature. With your discussions, i realized that i am at least contributing to the benefit of mother nature.
• India
7 Nov 11
Yes,you have done a great job by cleaning up coasts in the city and just helped the environment in getting so polluted which may in turn cause great harm to mankind.