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@baifuwa (636)
March 27, 2013 9:59pm CST
Smart phone is fashion!Even young people or old man are calling by smart phone.and they play game or read novel or do that they want when they take bus or subway. My phone was broken last week,I am not used. Now I plan to buy a new. Do you have some godd ideas?
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• India
31 Mar 13
I love smart phone and yesterday i bought a smart phone of sony which is called SONY XPERIA Z You can buy smart phones of sony because its very awesome.. design is totally good and slim, this phone is water proof and dust proof. If you want to use android then go for this phone because it has quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM which is enough to run big software and playing high end games. Good luck
@mawee79 (403)
• Italy
28 Mar 13
I bought a Samsung Galaxy Y Young last February. It's an amazing and cheap android!
@doroffee (4222)
• Hungary
28 Mar 13
First of all, you don't NEED to buy a smartphone just because it's trendy. If you would feel more comfortable with a normal simple cell phone, buy that one. A smart phone is not essential to have. As far smartphones, I do think iPhones and Samsung phones are great.
@TLilly12 (1229)
• United States
28 Mar 13
I have a smart phone my brother game to me, and I like it a lot,I don't do much on my smart phone but make phone calls, on it and check my email, that is about all I do on my phone, I am so busy here on my computer, earning my money.
@dagami (1158)
• Rome, Italy
28 Mar 13
there are lots of brands and choosing one would almost always be dependent on the budget. if you have plenty to spend, you can buy the latest model. i have a samsung galaxy S2. this is not the latest but it is fine for me and my needs. i have a 2 yr contract with my service provider and i got the phone for free. i have free 300 mins calls and 300 SMS to all operators nationwide. if you have these special offers in your area, why don't you go around the shops of the different service providers to check what would be the best for you and your needs?
@Kmz059 (652)
• Philippines
28 Mar 13
If you want to buy a new one first thing to consider is your budget. If you have money buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4 it is better than the Iphone 5 in many reasons.
• Philippines
28 Mar 13
Buy a smart phone that is suitable for you and comfortable to you, smart phones are all nice, and it has various features that will suit your needs. i'm using also a smart phone but the problem is, the battery life is too short, it only last for 24 hours, i'm using my smart phone in checking my facebook.
@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
28 Mar 13
hi baifawa, we can suggest a lot of phones for you but actually we need to know your budget and whatever use you will want to enjoy and do with your phones. There are Samsung lines, Iphone and blackberry, HTC and Sony also have their smart phones and its just a matter of you reseearching about them. when you want the details, and even the specifications you may want to also go to gsmarena dot com and they have almost every phones available in there with reviews as well. =) Happy smatphone shopping!
@kenshin2143 (1880)
• Philippines
28 Mar 13
If you really have some extra money, then why not? Almost everyone in our campus already has a smart phone, sometimes, one person owns multiple of them. As for me, I still stick to my nokia 1200... haha