How important the language is?

April 25, 2013 1:46am CST
Different countries are using different languages. But, as time passes by, we need one language that meets our capability to understand people from different countries in the world and that is called the universal language (English). Here in the Philippines, we major the study of the English language but, as far as I noticed, the Filipino language become unusual to our lessons. There is a Filipino subject but, you know, it doesn't matter as before. The English language becomes part of the society and, now,we couldn’t deny the growth of its importance to all of us. As a non-English language country, how will you compensate your knowledge between your language and the universal language? How important is it to you? How important the language is for us to grow socially and, sometimes, economically?
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• China
27 Apr 13
This is a very good question! English as a language is exerting a stronger influence on other languages, and to some extent it is a kind of dominance. Learning English, we must learn its culture as well, so how do we balance the two cultures, and avoid being over-influenced by the English culture? In China nearly every student learns English, and has to learn it very well in order to pass the exams for higher education, and to be competitive enough to be employed after graduation. English is a must in many fields, as it is the universal language of the world. However, we should not let it dominate, we should not lose our own language,customs and traditions. So we should learn our mother tongue well, and put English in a complementary position, use it as a tool.
@RAJASB (109)
• India
25 Apr 13
Yes...the British left their language English as the biggest legacy ever and everything right from your education to technology is taught in English. English has already become the Universal Language and we should never stop respecting our mother tongue even though it doesn't help you communicate with the world. Your mother tongue is your own identity, never lose it for anything.
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
25 Apr 13
No matter what kind of nationality we are, we need to learn how to speak and write the English Language to break the language barrier among countries. It can give us better opportunities to work in any part of the world.