Finally.. Rain

United Kingdom
June 27, 2020 3:25am CST
Hi all, it's been so hot here lately and kids have been having fun in the garden playing with water and learning about different plants, still looking into growing our own fruit and vegetables but will try to keep you updated on that haha. At least we have some rain today and can finally take some time to cool down and hopefully organize the house :-) I hope you are all safe and well, have a good day/afternoon and evening. Big hugs to you all
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@arunima25 (78176)
• Bangalore, India
27 Jun 20
It's a big relief to get rain on hot days. I spend some time today to organize one cupboard and my workplace. It looks good now.
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@rakski (102790)
• Philippines
27 Jun 20
I hope it will rain here too
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@Orson_Kart (5744)
• United Kingdom
28 Jun 20
Hi Lou! Yeah, it's even been hot up here in the frozen north. Most of this week I have had to strip down to my string vest. Imagine that. The gardens definitely need the rain and I hope your plants are thriving. I've been nurturing my lettuce night and day only to find they are 39p in Tesco. Am I wastingmy time I ask myself. Always, is the answer. Hugs to you too
@marlina (153239)
• Canada
27 Jun 20
Rain is so good after waiting for it for so long,
@JudyEv (294792)
• Rockingham, Australia
27 Jun 20
I'm sure the kids have enjoyed playing with water if it's so hot. My vegetable seedlings are doing well at the moment.
@erictsuma (9775)
• Mombasa, Kenya
27 Jun 20
Thanks you too have a nice day and talk to you soon.
@m_audrey6788 (58422)
• Germany
27 Jun 20
Yes. You`re right it`s nice to have a garden where your kids can play and plant some fruits and vegetables. We have a weird weather here because for now it`s sunny and cool air but later it might rain like what happened yesterday
@dodo19 (46620)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
27 Jun 20
It's definitely good to have rain. We've had quite some time without rain and just hot days. We've had some rain earlier this week and we're supposed to have more today, which is good.
@Alexandoy (65752)
• Cainta, Philippines
27 Jun 20
We are also having some rains almost every day and it is a welcome change for a cooler weather.
@Janet357 (76478)
27 Jun 20
Rain is always a blessing to us. good morning.