Just a random thing

November 24, 2020 6:12am CST
I am waking up and get random thing in my head. I look from the window and see many peoples run for work, school, or some business. Then, i think what if every people have a power too change their life and become what they want. So, if you have that power, what will you do?
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@eileenleyva (27625)
• Philippines
25 Nov 20
It's wishful thinking. I'd pinch my self and stop dreaming.
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@dgobucks226 (33663)
30 Nov 20
Pay off the mortgage on my home. And buy a winter second home. A luxury townhome on a golf course in a warm climate. Since I play golf that would be ideal..
@maximax8 (31058)
• United Kingdom
25 Nov 20
I have two children that are usually at secondary school. My son is in Year 9 and my daughter is in Year 7. I would like to travel to many different countries. However my traveling overseas has been halted due to coronavirus. I have booked a trip to a place in my home country for next year. It will be in a wheelchair accessible caravan that accepts two dogs.
@cabuyogty (2058)
25 Nov 20
I enjoy doing anything i can and relax in my hometown :)
@Fa_Maverick (9450)
• Australia
25 Nov 20
I would be a doctor already.
• India
26 Nov 20
People usually wish for things that are absent in their life; be it money, fame or good relations. Some people love the ups and downs life has to offer and face them with a smile on their face while others; they wish for peaceful life. Having seen a lot of personal grudges amongst my family members right from the day I was born, I wish for a family that is peaceful and mature let go their own personal desires in order to live in harmony. If I had power in my possession, I would make each of my family member a better human being.
@BrittneeD (351)
• United States
24 Nov 20
If I could be anything I wanted and would automatically have all the skills to do it I would want to be an owner of a large multi million dollar company.. I'm not sure what we would make or do but it would be very successful and make a lot of money. If I had the choice I would just be rich. This probably sounds shallow but it's much better than what I have now.
@msdivkar (23380)
• India
24 Nov 20
Frankly I don't know because you are never happy doing same thing again and again. You enjoy doing anything for short period of time and then you start thinking that the other thing is better than what you are doing.
@ckciasigurl (2081)
• Italy
24 Nov 20
hello if ever i have a power i would like to have a fast skill so i can do all my task faster maybe that´s very intersting
@marlina (155171)
• Canada
24 Nov 20
I think I would love to buy some farm land and grow lots of things and enjoy Mother Nature!
@erictsuma (9759)
• Mombasa, Kenya
24 Nov 20
If I have the power I would change my life and of others to be financially stable so that everyone can enjoy life and be happy
@youfiq (2595)
• United States
24 Nov 20
If I have the strength, I will stop working and do whatever useful things I can do, I will not be attached to time anymore and I will enjoy my life more