The Mission

United States
June 23, 2021 11:48am CST
Yesterday a friend of mine and I went on a mission. He had been trying for quite awhile to accomplish this trek and just couldn't do it on his own. He needed to travel to Monterey to a spot that he and his son frequented years ago. There was a particular rock they would sit on and talk. His son passed away way too young, and he had the ashes waiting to be spread over the cliffs into the ocean at that spot. It was a beautiful day in Monterey and the area was packed with vacationers. But my friend was determined to accomplish this task. He walked out to the area alone and waited for a break in the tourists. No such luck, so he found a large log that he could manage to move and gently placed the package of ashes under the log. As he told me, maybe one day he'll come back and finish scattering the ashes, but for now he did his duty and sort of fulfilled his promise to his son. We went into Monterey itself thinking that we would do the aquarium. No such luck!!!! You now have to make reservations to go through the aquarium. My friend wasn't happy about that, he had planned on showing me a good time. As I told him, a good time isn't measured by the things we do, it's measured by the company we are with. We headed out and I asked if when we got to Salinas if I could go to JoAnne's Fabrics. Of course he said yes. I don't know where the directions on my cell phone were taking us, but we did the tour of the seedy side of Salinas. I was sitting here this morning, aching from the trip and all the walking, and I was thanking God for the wonderful housing I have. Part of Salinas is filled with a "tent city". The tents are made of tarps, garbage sacks and what ever the people can find. There are several out houses provided for their elimination needs and there are trash bins in several locations. There are over a hundred "tents" in the area and they are nestled against each other like new born kittens. The sight goes on as far as you can see. We have homeless here, but not to equal the homeless up north in Salinas. I thought of all the empty buildings that could be opened and set up for the homeless to set up temporary homes. Many of the empty buildings are waiting for the wrecking ball to come along, but while they are waiting they still could be useful. What's wrong with society and our politicians that they don't address the common need for those who are out of work. I know so many people who say "They can get a job". But have they though about the fact that to get a job you need an address, phone number, social security card, identification of some sort and so much more? What about clothing? The other thing that is spouted is "They would just use the money to buy booze and drugs" How do they know what these people would do? Stop sitting on your thumbs world, start looking beyond your own nose and THINK!
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@sallypup (48689)
• Moses Lake, Washington
23 Jun 21
You had quite a day. The entire homeless thing is quite awful. Too much red tape to wade through. Years ago a doc wanted to give my hubby depression meds cause my hubby did not look spi and span. Hubby was a bit down cause he had an education and was getting no where on finding a decent job. So hubby worked at home- at that time he probably had just fixed our washing machine. So yeah his clothes might have been a bit dirty but that does not mean he needed psych meds. One of the things that hubby and I have considered about us moving West side is that the entire coast- Canada to Mexico- has sad, homeless camps. How to enjoy a park without feeling like somebody could beat us up? We have had small encounters when we've been over there. It's a lot to think about. I hope more solutions come to light.
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@GardenGerty (145365)
• United States
21 Jul
We turn too many things into politics, unfortunately. It is bad for society and bad for the environment to have empty unused buildings.
@prashu228 (37320)
• India
24 Jun 21
We can't change the society. That's the sad part , it's so easy to this such things about others
@kaylachan (34589)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
23 Jun 21
That was some day alright. I know homelessness in the U.S. is a huge problem. It always has been. You're right, something should be done about it.
@miftha (1649)
• Bekasi, Indonesia
23 Jun 21
It's a unique mission. Sometimes I do things like that