Bollywood meets Paris.

@xFiacre (11470)
November 30, 2022 9:40pm CST
It’s in the quarter of Paris where many Indians live that I’m staying. Indian restaurants abound as well as shops selling saris and silks, and shops that specialise in sending money back home. I love it. We have Bollywood films playing on every TV in every restaurant and since I don’t understand a word of it it doesn’t bother me. We also had a two hour blast of Indian music in the street last night with a large crowd gathered but I never found out why. We ate in an Indian restaurant last night, something I was loathe to do since we do that often in Belfast, and to my surprise the same dishes are different in France. In Ireland a korma is a very mild dish, in France it’s quite a lot spicier. But I’m determined to eat in French restaurants from now on, simply because I’m in France. That’s if I can afford it of course - I might need to sell myself to pay the bill.
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@Beestring (9709)
• Hong Kong
1 Dec
I love to try local food when I travel. Enjoy your food.
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@dfollin (23451)
• United States
1 Dec
I have had some French food basically some former neighbors were from France. It is expensive! I have never had korma before. Eat what you like and can afford, with out selling yourself, lol
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@LadyDuck (426407)
• Switzerland
1 Dec
When I travel I like to eat at local restaurants. It is true that in London I often went to Indian Restaurants, the best I have tried to be honest.
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@Fleura (24239)
• United Kingdom
1 Dec
I like the fact that 'French Indian' is different to 'British Indian'. So you still get to experience something different even though it's the same : )
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@JudyEv (300444)
• Rockingham, Australia
2 Dec
We loved eating out in France. But, having the motorhome, we also concocted a lot of our own meals as it's so much cheaper that way.
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@RubyHawk (82098)
• Atlanta, Georgia
1 Dec
Enjoy the experience. Hope your budget holds out.
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